Published on May 27, 2013
"Our Journey with The Chief...", 21st May 2013, Barbican, London
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Shock result! London is in mourning, but the people have spoken. Legally we have voted out but democracy has taken a real hit as 52%/48% is not really a consensus and can only lead to unrest and uncertainty. Yet we must hold onto the single most important fact. God is in control. We have His attention (I think the storms told us that fact) and now, I believe, we have, as a nation, His favour. How this pans out is hard to call but for those of us who voted "out", it's not a time for mockery or division, we just move on in our lives and, as Christians, get on with the real work of reconciling our nation back to God.

Published on 21 Apr 2016
A unique celebration of the Queen's ninety years as she reaches her landmark birthday in April, featuring footage from the collection of Her Majesty's personal ciné films.
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Published on Sep 26, 2014
In the second of our series of powerful videos on the issue of abortion, mother Adele Best shares her first-hand experience of the “horrific after-effects”.
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All about Europe ... !!!

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Published on 3 Nov 2015
A re-imagining of the prophet Daniel in a 1940's Film Noir parody.


At the heart of London are two cities: The City of London and the City of Westminster.  The heart of our nation is in political chaos, and when chaos appears it is like pain in the body.  It is a warning sign that something potentially bad is happening.  If it is a pain in our body

Middle East Report

Stories this week include: Jordanian athlete celebrates gold medal win, tension flared up on the border between Israel and Gaza, Iranian pastor arrested in raids on Christian homes and Migrant Christians face death threats at asylum centres.

Olive Tree

The Syrian refugee situation has grabbed our attention as we have watched thousands of desperate people risk their lives trying to reach Europe. My guest today has first hand experience of this situation having met Syrian refugees living in camps in Lebanon. Marcel Rebiai is the leader

Thinking Differently

Steve Maltz looks ahead to the challenges of 2016

Watching Over Zion

The Word:   “…All who devour you will be devoured; all your enemies will go into exile. Those who plunder you will be plundered; all who make spoil of you I will despoil.