Transit officials say anti-Semitic graffiti incidents are the top subway bias crime investigated so far this year by the New York Police Department. The Daily News reported Tuesday that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Transit Bureau says 22 of 31 hate crimes that have happened in the subway system this year targeted Jews. Most of the incidents have involved graffiti. The report to the MTA board says there were only seven bias crimes committed during the same period last year. The anti-Semitic graffiti on subway cars and in stations has included swastikas and comments that advocate the killing of Jews. “It was precisely this kind of statistic, this kind of conduct that gave birth in ‘34 to ‘38 to what led to the Holocaust, which we try to remember today,” MTA board member Charles Moerdler, a Holocaust survivor, told the Daily News. “What, if anything, can be done, is being done to root out these scum?”

Israel has thwarted a largescale cyber attack targeting over 120 organizations in recent days, the Cyber Defense Authority announced on Wednesday. The attacks, which ran between April 19 and April 23, came in the form of malicious emails originating from both the servers of an academic institution as well as a private commercial company and targeted various companies, government ministries, public institutions and private individuals in academia and research. The bug (CVE-2017-0199) exploited a weakness in Microsoft systems, specifically Microsoft Word, and the company has worked to patch vulnerabilities identified by the attack. “Microsoft has released a security update that prevents the attacker from exploiting this vulnerability, and we recommend that you install it,” the authority said in a statement.


Socially conservative organisations, religious groups and even churches should be labelled as ‘hate groups’, according to a new liberal coalition in the USA. The Eliminate Hate Campaign (EHC) aims to pressure the media to refer to US organisations which back traditional family values as ‘hate groups’, and has compiled a list of 52 it wishes to target and undermine. Their accusations have been rejected by organisations on the EHC’s list. The EHC, which is made up of numerous LGBT activist groups, also aims to “mitigate the increasing influence” of groups defending a traditional understanding of marriage and gender. It accuses the groups of being ‘extremist’, and hiding anti-LGBT views under the guise of Christian or family values. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a religious liberty group which provides legal assistance to Christians, was singled out as one of the most prominent organisations on the list.