Foundations South conference

August 11th-13th

At  High Leigh conference centre, Hoddesdon, Herts

THEME:  “Controversy! Life is full of it, and the Christian life is no exception. In fact, it may be even fuller!

But what is controversy? What makes something controversial? Should we try and resolve controversies or learn to live with them? Does Hebraic thinking hold the key to helping us here?

We will focus on the Bible (a controversial book in its own right!) and on doctrinal controversies that have arisen. Does ‘appealing to Scripture’ provide all the answers or simply throw up more questions? There won’t be time to tackle them all! Exactly which ones may not be decided until the conference itself (we might respond to popular demand!), but expect some familiar ones. A key purpose of the main teaching sessions will be to show you how to think rather than tell you what to think. You can then follow this up in the yeshivas and other discussion times. You will have opportunities to express your ideas at the open pulpit or post written responses on a special message board.

This could be the most controversial conference you ever attend, but hopefully one of the most fruitful. You may not get all the answers but you will learn to ask the right questions and maybe find new approaches to old problems. “

Cost: £200 per person (ensuite), £170 per person (standard) £100 per person (day visitors)

Led by Steve Maltz : Teaching by Paul Luckraft

This conference includes the unique Foundations ‘Freedom of the Spirit’ structure, with yeshivas, discussion, prayer walks, crafts, dance workshops, show & tell etc.


Or make phone booking at 020 8551 1719

Or send cheque for "Saltshakers" to Saltshakers, PO BOX 2215, Ilford, Essex IG1 9TR

Fri 11 Aug 2017 to Sun 13 Aug 2017
Organising ministry: 

High Leigh conference centre

United Kingdom