Ebenezer Emergency Fund

The Lord has called Ebenezer - Operation Exodus to be an intercessory ministry for the worldwide return of the Jewish people to Israel prophesied in Scripture. He is raising a body of intercessors in the nations to stand on the promises of His revealed Word about aliyah and the exodus to come and proclaim them in faith. This prophetic body, through Holy Spirit-led, prevailing prayer, is building the spiritual highways in the nations and removing the obstacles which the principalities and powers of darkness seek to use to frustrate and prevent the return of the Jewish people.

The Lord has called Ebenezer to help as many Jewish people as possible to return to Israel during these limited days of grace and to warn them of the danger of delay. Simultaneously, He has given the ministry the vision to awaken, encourage and teach the body of Christ worldwide to take up its prophetic responsibility to pray and help Jewish people go to Israel, their God-given homeland. The Church is also called to support the Jewish people as persecution and anti-Semitism in the Gentile nations increases.

The Lord is bringing an expansion of the ministry throughout the nations. To facilitate this, the Holy Spirit is leading us to decentralise into geographic regions, giving greater flexibility and authority to a devolved network of regional co-ordinators. Within these regions we will assist aliyah by building relationships with Jewish communities and by working with the body of Christ to bring understanding of God's prophetic Word concerning aliyah, encouraging the multiplication of prayer groups, exploring new aliyah highways, recruiting volunteers and raising funds.

We are focused on the vision the Lord has given us that the present calling of Ebenezer - Operation Exodus will progressively be assimilated within the body of Christ worldwide. The Church in the nations will, by then, have embraced its biblical responsibility to love, shelter and support the Jewish people as the Lord unfolds His plans to take them to Israel, where He will reveal their Messiah.

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