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This week's stories include: Israel remains in deadlock after 2nd round of national elections, Building bridges of prayer & unity between Israel and the Middle East and US, Saudis weigh response to Iran attack on Saudi oil industry.

 Stories this week include: The run up to the Israeli elections takes a dramatic turn, Establishing a highway of prayer & worship in the M

Stories this week include: Israel hits the countdown to repeat national elections, CJCUC development of bible studies leads to positive response fr

Stories this week include: Israel faces tensions on 5 different fronts, CJCUC continues to build good relations between Jews & Christians and I

Stories include;  Religious issues may sway results in forthcoming Israeli elections, Looking at the women behind the discovery of the Garden

Stories include: Israeli polls predict September's elections will produce similar results to last April elections,  CSW wants to see changes t

stories this week include:  Mr Netanyahu becomes longest serving prime minister in the history of modern Israel, Working together Ch

Stories this week include: Israel experiences growing sense of lawlessness, The worldwide persecution of Christians is on the increase especially i

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stories this week include:  Orangutans are the newest members to be added to the Jerusalem Zoo, More Jews & Christians are working togethe