Born in 1930, David Pawson began his career with a B.Sc. in agriculture at Durham University in England. With a newly acquired farm in Scotland, David was surprised when God intervened and led him to become a Christian minister.

James Jacob Prasch is Director of Moriel Ministries.

Paul is the Associate Minister at Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church in Stockport, England. He was converted to Christ in February 1990 whilst studying Mathematics and Statistics at the University of York.

David Noakes read Law at Pembroke College, Oxford, and practised as a solicitor until called into full-time ministry in 1975. From 1985 until 1991 he served in ministry with Clifford Hill, becoming leader of the PWM ministry team and subsequently a Trustee of Prophetic Word Ministries.

When back home in Cumbria, Paul Calvert is a member of the Carlisle City Church, where his parents also attend.

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Back in 2006, Steve appeared on Revelation TV, interviewed by Martina Moh.

The Middle East conflict is framed as one of the most complex problems in the world. But, in reality, it's very simple. Israelis want to live in peace and are willing to accept a neighboring Palestinian state. And most Palestinians do not want Israel to exist.

The Motion: This House Believes that Hamas is a Greater Obstacle to Peace Than Israel.

The official promo for our first Saffron Planet Foundations conference held at Quinta Christian Centre on January 6-8th 2012

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Video produced by James Wood, includes music by Luke Finch of Bethshan Church Newcastle and images of Israel taken during a Solidarity Tour of Israel in 2002 run by The Exobus Project now the 49:22 Trust in association with CFI.