Getting in tune with each other and the ‘Master Conductor’

How often do we comment: “I always enjoy listening to this speaker.” But what about the content of what they are saying?

John the Baptist may have presented himself to people in an unprepossessing manner with his locusts, animal skins and all, but his voice was another matter altogether. People flocked to hear it. They were not so much captivated by the quality of his delivery, but rather the content of his message. It had the power to change them.

Some truths are so massive they require direct revelation through God’s voice from Heaven.  Are you in ‘receiving’ mode?

There are some believers who appear to have a ministry of asking awkward questions! They often approach me at the end of a preaching session and their whole demeanour takes on a rather threatening character and I know I'm in for a tough time!.

Our Shepherd speaks loud and clear to us.So why are we currently experiencing a famine in the Word?

“I didn’t understand a word of what that man was talking about. What was it?”

A tale is told of William Wilberforce, the great parliamentarian who committed himself to abolishing the slave trade. Wilberforce was a passionate disciple of the Lord Jesus and when he heard the Scriptures expounded in a manner that made much of His Saviour, his heart would leap. It was none other than the witness of the Holy Spirit within him glorifying Jesus, his Messiah. He longed for his friends to know Him too.

Is it enough to be do-gooders?

It was tipping it down. The car park was awash and I was carting a couple of bags of fertiliser for the roses. Not ideal … and it was my birthday! I approached our car and overheard one end of a phone conversation: “Well dear, she's obviously in need of real help, so why doesn't she make contact with a local church? After all, that's what the Church is for !” Her car was on the move as I heaved the bags into the boot.


It is good to hear His Voice, but even better to know His presence

As we approach the fnal lap in these latter days, are we fully prepared to endure until the finish line?

It’s not what we are ... it’s what we do!

His name was Sullivan. Louis Henry Sullivan. He was born in 1856 in Boston, Massachusetts and died in Chicago in 1924. He is regarded as the father of modern American architecture. Skyscrapers were his thing. Louis Sullivan became famous for the pithy phrase, “form ever follows function”. He had tapped into a principle of design that is basic to everything. It is a fact of life that speaks volumes to Christians. Or, it should!

“If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?”(1 Corinthians 14:8)