Austria’s foreign minister, who is boycotted by Israel due to her affiliation with the far-right Freedom Party, on Thursday vowed to fight against anti-Zionism and to stand up for the Jewish state in international forums. Israelis are somewhat justified in feeling that the European Union treats their state unfairly, Karin Kneissl said, pledging to change that. “I know that many Israelis feel that — while there exist strong bilateral ties with a number of European countries — the relationship with the EU on a whole never quite lives up to its full potential,” she told The Times of Israel in an exclusive interview. “And there is something to that.”


Pressure to expand the definition of the word ‘woman’ to include men who identify as female is erasing the idea of women, columnists have complained. The issue was raised after The Guardian avoided using the word ‘woman’. Instead they used the term ‘menstruators’, wanting to acknowledge that some females call themselves ‘men’ and that some males call themselves ‘women’.The critics have argued that the rights and feelings of those who are transgender are being “elevated above those of other people”. Last month a Guardian report said that “YouGov asked 538 menstruators about their experiences of period pain in the workplace”. After opposition on social media, the word ‘menstruators’ was removed from the article.

The Welsh Government has announced it will offer free abortions to women from Northern Ireland through the NHS, despite overwhelming public opposition. This decision follows a consultation in which just 14 people supported the proposal. Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said women from Northern Ireland, in Wales, should be able to have abortions on the same basis as women from Wales, but critics have branded the move ‘ridiculous’. The 788 respondents opposing the consultation argued that it was undermining Northern Ireland’s law and devolution settlement. Responses cited concerns about the use of public money to fund abortions and the complicated legal process involved. They also raised moral objections to abortion.