Israeli Air Force jets targeted underground terror infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip early Wednesday morning, the IDF said. Two further targets belonging to Hamas naval forces in Gaza were also targeted. Local residents said the strikes destroyed a boat moored in Gaza City, with no reports of casualties. They said the boat, which was set ablaze, was due to sail to meet a flotilla of boats hoping to reach Gaza.The IDF did not provide further details regarding the nature of the underground infrastructure. The army said the strikes came in response to an arson attack on an Israeli military position by a number of Palestinians who infiltrated into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning and ongoing attempts to harm Israel using drones and kites. 

Over two thousand children were referred to the NHS’ gender identity clinic in the past year, prompting fresh concerns that more and more young people are being pushed into transsexualism. New statistics from the Tavistock and Portman trust showed children as young as four continue to be referred to its Gender Identity Development Service – as well as nearly 600 16-year-olds. The figures are a 25 per cent increase from the previous year, with girls outnumbering boys by more than two to one. Stephanie Davies-Arai, of parents’ group Transgender Trend, issued a warning over the new figures. “Teenagers are being influenced by an online culture which celebrates medical transition as cool. “Girls especially are being encouraged to identify as boys if they don’t fit a stereotype. All debate is shut down as transphobic.”

A group of Christians and Jews have declared “a new day” in interfaith relations this week at London’s first Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. Jewish organiser Albert Veksler made the comments at the event in Kensington on Tuesday, which was attended by both British and Israeli politicians as well as church leaders and rabbis. It was hosted by the Pastors of KingdomFaith Church, Clive and Jane Urquart who said the event was based on a shared love for “the God of Israel” and the “miracle” of a “language, people and land resurrected by the breath of God” Also speaking at the event, the Ambassador of Israel to the UK, Mark Regev said both nations shared a “common judeo-Christian heritage” and said he was “heartened” to “see so many proud Christian friends of Israel”.