Hashkama #53 ~ Sparrows—are they a curse or a blessing?

The Bible talks about sparrows— Jesus said, “…not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.” (Matthew 10:29) One winter in 1958 an ‘estimated’ 194, 432 sparrows were killed in one day, in one area alone. Across the whole nation the sparrow population was decimated with millions of birds dead on the ground. Without the sparrow population the bugs they once fed on thrived. The locust population spiralled out of control along with the grasshoppers. Famine followed as the insects devoured the crops.

Hashkama #50 - The Future Generation Fund

By Meir Abelson

(Submitted by Malcolm Baker)

One day in 1980 Meir Abelson, a Land Valuer with the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem, was walking along Alkalay Street in Rehavia when he spied a newly painted notice on the door of number 9: "THE CENTER FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE." Something impelled him to enter; sitting at a desk was Hava Ya'ari, a retired head teacher at Yehuda Halevi School. She looked at him and said: "I only put that notice on the door five minutes ago; you are the first person to come in!" Meir replied: "What can I do for you?"

Hashkama #46 - My Life in 'Apartheid' Israel

By Meir Abelson

In 1971 my family and I arrived in Jerusalem from England and moved into a newly-built apartment. The first thing we needed was an electrician.  I spoke to one of my neighbours, and he warmly recommended an East Jerusalem Arab.  When the latter arrived, we found that he spoke excellent English; apparently he worked during the British Mandate in an army store.  We were very pleased with his work; and after he finished and left us, he often took the opportunity to drop in and visit us when he was in the neighbourhood.

Hashkama #45 - The "Palestinian" Hoax

By Meir Abelson

What can be done about the Palestinian refugees –who are estimated today to number about seven million, including the descendants of the original 630,000? The conventional answer is: the Arabs and Israelis must be persuaded to come to an agreement, on the basis of two states for two peoples. This solution has been bandied around for over 70 years but has always foundered for an obvious reason that is never mentioned: ISLAM.

Hashkama #44 - Questions & Answers

In 2008, historian, Meir Abelson was asked by a radio station in Miami to give a telephone interview lasting an hour to mark Israel's 60th birthday. He was given 12 questions to which he had to give concise answers. Question 1 was a very short answer on the Balfour Declaration, so here, we are including questions (and concise answers) 2 – 12.

Question 2: What was the initial reaction of the Arabs to the possibility that a Jewish State could be re-established?

Jon Cluett

Jon is the Pastor of The Church at Stirling, in central Scotland. He came to faith at a young age and moved to Stirling in 1998 to study Environmental Science at the University of Stirling (BSc, PhD). During his study he became aware of the influence of the Greek mind-set on the interpretation of scripture and its influence and dangers such as in Replacement Theology, and he was forced to re-evaluate many of his theological positions.

David Soakell

David Soakell has been with Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) since 1986, an Area Representative since 1995, and full-time with this ministry since 2001. Apart from his role as CFI-UK Church Liaison Officer, David is also part of the Communications Department, writing the weekly CFI News Reports (Watching over Zion) for a worldwide audience.