Shalom and Welcome

Hope you like our new look. Any comments and questions appreciated. Just click on comments tag, on the bottom right of this post.

You will now be able to see all events that we run – the latest at the top of the page – including any recordings that we may make (free of charge), including evening meetings, podcasts, blogs, articles.

There is also a full archive of conference recordings, Bible School recordings, podcasts, table discussions, videos and articles.

We are making all of our content free to view, so as not to deprive anyone of anything, whether they are a subscriber or not. We still need subscribers to help pay for the ministry, though! We will continue to send out our weekly news and feature emails – but we just don’t want to force anyone to have to pay for content. Those who do support us financially are those who appreciate the community we are creating. There is a donate button at the top of the home page.

We suggest you bookmark our webpage and return to it regularly. We will be phasing out our evening meeting emails as all the information, including ZOOM codes, will be available from the website. So rather than waiting for an email to drop into your inbox you will need to visit us – that way you will be able to enjoy all the other stuff we have to offer.

We think that we will all benefit from this new arrangement. Please share this email with your friends.

Steve & the Foundations team.


  • Wow; this is absolutely amazing! What a wonderful job you’ve done! Thank you!

    • Well done on the great job you have done re-creating the website.
      A very neat job, neatly arranged for easier access to your interesting array of Body building resources!

  • Amazing job – well done and so much appreciated by someone who likes things made easier with modern technology. Even I can navigate my way round this one – and so much content!
    Thank you so much – way to go!!!

  • Hi,are you still going to send videos and news weekly,if so why do videos keep saying404 ,not available? What can we do about that?

    • we will still continue to send out news and feature newsletters, but past newsletter links will not function any more as the website they link to does not exist any more

  • Barbara Daniels

    Steve, you and the team have done an excellent job. You have made the website so easy to navigate.

    Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to using the site very often. It’s a delightful gold mine, in which nuggets of truth can be found without so much labor- and it’s FREE to many who would not pursue this avenue if it were not. The LORD bless you for this step of faith. He will provide!

    Shalom shalom!

  • Elizabeth Harling

    This is the first time I have looked at this. Content great but the 4 icons moving down the page are irritating.

  • Margaret Duncan

    I thought it was just my phone that was responsible for the roving icons. I find them distracting and irritating!

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