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The week before Christmas I was quite unwell.  In the early hours of Christmas morning, I was in A&E.  After various tests, the doctor told me I would have to see my own GP, to have a 24-hour heart monitor fitted.  In the second week of February I am still waiting, both to see the GP and to have the monitor fitted.  The experience and time were helpful to me, in my reflecting on both the heart of the nation, and the heart of the Church in Britain.  Here we were, at the time of year when we celebrate the Saviour’s birth, locked down because of the fear of Covid.  There is more fear of Covid in the nation, and in the Church, than there is fear of God, and so we rely upon the god of science to deliver us out of our trouble.  Science is to be a benefit to mankind, not a god to be worshipped and blindly followed.  Both Church and nation are in a very unhealthy condition indeed, restricted, confined, and in danger of losing freedoms and independence.  Regardless of which political party has been in power since, Britain remains locked into Tony Blair’s agenda that he set in place when he was in power during the 1990’s.  Every now and then, like my neighbours crazed and over-excited dog leaping up and down, to peek over the garden hedge, so that it can bark and growl, Tony Blair, a one-time Trotskyist, keeps popping up on TV spluttering and gesticulating all over the place.  Tony Blair now heads up the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change[i]… He changed Britain for the worse, now he wants to do the same to the world, as do his counterparts in the USA and elsewhere.  He successfully led the Labour Party away from its working-class Methodist Christian roots, producing what we have today – a cauldron of destruction.  But let us move on.

There is little guidance by the Church in most things, not least the Covid vaccinations.  There is so much information and disinformation to plough through, it is difficult for the layman to know what to do for the best.  So many videos are sent to me claiming someone died after having the Covid jab, but no evidence of what actually killed them.  It is always “being investigated.”  A good number of those against the Covid vaccination are those that are against vaccinations in general, and who are suspicious of conventional medicine.  We are all different, and have been free to be so.  We ought not to slip into condemning one another, but rather to share the love that Jesus has shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).  Accepting one another as Christ accepts us (Romans 15:7) in order to bring praise to God.  I have received messages, from a ‘Christian’ in this instance, saying, “If you have had the Covid vaccine, prepare to meet your Maker.”  I am an old man now.  Meeting my maker could happen at any moment, vaccine or not!  Whatever our personal feelings are about vaccines, we ought to guard our hearts against spreading fear and propaganda.

Some years ago, a close friend of mine, a Christian, was against vaccinations and he died from meningitis after refusing the jab.  Later, his wife told us that no-one explained to them that Meningitis could kill you.  Others in the Church that I have had conversation with over the years have said that they are against having vaccinations.  The reason given was that they trusted God.  They reasoned that to have a vaccination against something they were not suffering from, was not to trust God.  It is a matter of faith for them, not prevention is better than cure – who are we to question their faith?  My dear friend died very soon after contracting Meningitis.  We were in Israel at the time and came back to the sad news.  His wasn’t a choice I would have made, but should we really remove the choice from people that don’t want to be vaccinated?  Wouldn’t that play into the hands of the totalitarians that we fear so much?  Pointing the finger at people who make choices that we wouldn’t, means that we are despising the God-given gift of freedom of choice.  We can blame the government, false science, or conspiracy theorists, there are always scapegoats to point to.  I might be wrong but I don’t think anyone has blamed the Jews or Israel, yet.  Discerning the truth in the modern world is by no means easy.  Soon, there will be a world leader that will give no choice, only to believe what he tells the world to believe.  Like coastlines are collapsing and eroding, freedom of thought and speech is eroding, in preparation for what and who is to come.  There is a dangerous move building momentum.  Dissenters are being equated with fascists.  Those that don’t swallow all the Covid paraphernalia are accused of having blood on their hands; it is not permissible to hold an opinion different to those of the left.  Intelligent, informed people, some of which are Christians, are being closed down from voicing their views.  Common sense no longer prevails, not even in the Courtroom.  The pressure for censorship of such ‘dissenters’ is worryingly increasing.  The ‘dissenters’ of course, are those that don’t agree with everything in the official line, and ‘disinformation’ to the people pushing censorship means things that they disagree with.  Some columnists and writers who write and speak from their own conscience and experience rather than following the crowd, are very worried about the censoring that is already in place, and they are afraid for the future of Britain.  The left-wing elitists pressured the nation into lockdown.

It is very easy for Christians to fall prey to the prevailing winds of hot air from ‘official’ sources.  I discovered this years ago when I tried to warn believers about the man-made Global Warming scam, which has since conveniently morphed into man-made Climate Change.  Many were already convinced by the propaganda and remain so.  Global warming policy will bring hardship and misery, especially to the poor.[ii]  Anyone speaking out about these things is labelled an idiot and trouble-maker, and an embarrassment, and friends can quickly turn into one’s enemies.  God’s word is ignored, and to our peril, the theories of man prevail.  Climate Change is part of an agenda, and is one vehicle of a number that is driving us into the arms of a One World Government, where the antichrist is waiting in the wings.  The Covid virus, though real, is being used to the same ends.  Somewhat fierce psychological methods are used to coerce us, manipulate us, scare us, and even shame us into conforming; yet how many who have followed all the guidelines, isolated, warn masks, kept their distance, have still caught Covid and still died from it?  Is there any relevant information available, or do we simply assume that everyone that has Covid is a rule-breaker?  If we do then we assume wrongly.  I was told of a local man recently, who works from home, obeys all the rules, but has been diagnosed with Covid.  As more people are vaccinated, the virus has more natural selection pressure to evolve into a vaccine-resilient variant.  So the future could be very much worse than the present.

There are some, particularly amongst the Christian community, that are worried about what the various vaccines contain.  Much of this is scare-mongering about us being in the end times.  Can they change one’s DNA?  What about Trans-humanism?[iii]  And for some, to have the vaccine would mean injecting their body with poison.[iv]  A writer in the medical world commented that the “Oxford vaccine is not an RNA vaccine like Pfizer and Moderna but an attenuated vaccine similar to flu vaccines.”  The writer continued, there “are genuine concerns as genetic modifications accelerate, but I don’t know of any convincing evidence for use of nanotechnology or trans-human elements in these recent vaccines, but it pays to be vigilant.”

The virus cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Also unseen more often than not, is the damage to the lives of children locked into situations they don’t ask or deserve to be in.  The elderly and lonely; the mentally ill, and the daughter struggling alone, looking after a mother suffering from dementia; a mother who, through no fault of her own, no longer trusts or recognises the daughter that is lovingly caring for her.  There is so much damage being caused by the guidelines put in place, lives will be lost, destroyed, buried, because of planned negligence.  The challenges to present Christ to this bruised and broken world are great.  Good deeds and kindnesses are done, but not in the name of Jesus and not to God’s glory, even though, apparently, many still consider this to be a Christian nation.  A report last year suggests, “Britain is still a Christian country according to most Brits.”  It is somewhat challenging however, when one reads about the state of the Church of England.  It has staggered on for years in unbelief and false teaching; is it now in its death throes?  Those ministers and congregants that are faithful have little encouragement; we have to look to God and His Word for that – “The one who endures to the end is the one who will be saved” (Matthew 24:13; Matthew 10:22)).  Those elements of society that want to see the elimination of the monarchy will rejoice at the demise of the Anglican Church.  Great Britain is also a nation that has come out from one Godless union, but is in danger of running into another.  Having just come out of the EU we find that the EHIC is changing to the GHIC.  The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is being phased out following the Brexit deal in favour of a new, free Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).  While vaccines are being rolled out for Covid, we are being rolled on into a One World scenario.  The unseen forces, spiritual and physical that are arraigned against Britain are great.  I think the call to the Church is that we have abandoned our first love (Revelation 2:4) and that corruption has set in.  The call is that the Church, in all its denominations and colours, re-light the fire of our first love; burn with a passion for God; be consumed in worship and service of the Saviour, Jesus.  Why else are we on this earth?  What earthly good are we if we are not living wholeheartedly for God?  It is encouraging to read the book of Revelation.  When you reach Ch’s 10 and 11, having seen all the troubles the world has gone through there are still places of worship and still people that speak out God’s Word; the Church is still on earth.  The insects that come (Revelation Ch.9), whatever they are, aren’t able to touch God’s people.  There is no mentions of vaccine or medication of any kind.  They had the seal of God on their foreheads.

What is truth?

“Truth, in the context of today’s world is not easy to discern.  Even those who warn about conspiracy theories can be in danger of creating a conspiracy theory of their own making by “following the science.”  Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in his address to Harvard University in 1978, said: “Many of you have already found out, and others will find out in the course of their lives, that truth eludes us if we do not concentrate our attention totally on its pursuit.  But even while it eludes us, the illusion of knowing it still lingers and leads to many misunderstandings.  Also, truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter.”  It reminds me of Revelation 10:10: “I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it, and in my mouth it was sweet as honey; and when I had eaten it, my stomach was made bitter.”

Jesus is the Truth; hear Him.  “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it” (Luke 11:28).

Blessing and shalom

Malcolm [11.02.2021]

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  • Another excellent article from Malcolm, thank you. A few points:

    I’m delighted you say the Church will be on earth during the tribulation. I am concerned that far too many Christians have the false hope that they will be whisked off to heaven in ‘the rapture’ before it begins.

    Please don’t say the virus may ‘evolve’. Viruses don’t evolve, they mutate. Don’t endorse the lies of evolutionists that viruses mutating is evolution happening before our eyes, because it’s nothing of the sort!

    Although I entirely agree that no one should be compelled to have the vaccine, I would like those who refuse it because they are ‘trusting God’ for protection, to consider this parable:

    A Christian (I’ll call him Bob) was in the upstairs room of his house, which was surrounded by flood-waters. A man came along in a rowing boat and invited Bob to get in and be taken to higher ground. However, Bob declined, saying he was a Christian, and was trusting the Lord to save him.
    Some time later, with the flood levels still rising, he was on the roof when a man in a motor boat came by. He made the same offer as the first man, but again, his offer was declined because Bob said he was trusting the Lord to rescue him.
    Before long, Bob was perching precariously on the apex of the roof, clutching the chimney stack, with the water lapping around his feet. A helicopter stopped overhead, and one of the crew threw down a rope and shouted to Bob to tie it round himself and be hauled up to safety. Bob still refused, saying he was trusting the Lord to rescue him.

    He drowned! Arriving in heaven, he complained, “Lord, I trusted you to rescue me, and you let me die!”
    “My son,” the Lord answered, “I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more could I have done?”

    • Hi Jenny. Thank you for not only reading the article but also for making the effort to comment on it too. (You might just have offended all the Bob’s in the world though).
      Many blessings.

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