WHEN: Friday March 22nd 2019 - Monday March 25th 2019 (4 days, 3 nights)

WHERE: The Hayes conference centre, Hayes Lane, Swanwick, Derbyshire DE55 1AU

HOW MUCH: £260 per person (all rooms ensuite) - just £80 deposit to pay now

TO BOOK: Either pay online here or phone 07885 941848 for card payment or send cheque for £80 to Saltshakers, PO BOX 2215, ILFORD IG1 9TR


Be part of an exciting initiative to explore the ONE NEW MAN envisioned by Paul in Ephesians 2. How can Jew and Gentile be truly reconciled and move forwards in unity? We believe that through our fresh approach to the subject, everyone will discover something new, inspiring and affirming as we explore the subject through our teachers, discussion panel ... and you! 


  • The European Court of Human Rights ruled that criticism of Muhammad constitutes incitement to hatred -- meaning that in Europe, criticizing Muhammad is no longer protected free speech.

  • What the court has actually done, however, is rule out the possibility of any debate in which a range of various experts and members of the public could take part. Now, it seems, the only views that will be respected in the public forum are those of devout Muslims.

  • Underage marriages are considered by some countries child abuse or statutory rape, but are acceptable under shari'a law; they also take place in Muslim communities in Western countries such as the UK. This alone is a major reason why platforms must be found to debate the issue instead of sweeping it, as something offensive, under the carpet. Ignoring it is offensive.

  • Moreover, as some Muslims are often offended by even small matters regarding their faith, such as a toy teddy bear named Mohammad or a prisoner on death row declared innocent -- so that mobs take to the streets to condemn, or even kill, those individuals -- what now will notbe censored in the West?

The teaching was great, the worship was wonderful, the activities were engaging and absorbing, but what really characterised our five day stay in Sidholme hotel was the sense of safety and openness, with new friendships made quickly. Many were prayed for, many prayed for others and there were many breakthroughs, some quite remarkable! For a third-party evaluation, here is what one lady wrote:

This was my first Foundations gathering. I found there the kind of Christian fellowship I have waited my whole life for! There was so much love and encouragement which helped me to be set free to really be my redeemed self and express myself in worship with total abandon. I found a true Christian family. Everyone I spoke to was happy to share their life with me and talk about the Lord.  The worship was Holy Spirit led and anointed and truly from the heart. The teaching was anointed, prophetic and brought the Bible alive to me in a new way.  What a blessing to learn more about our Hebraic roots. The well-stocked book tables provided a wealth of resources to guide us in our Christian life. Lovely to see families with beautiful very well behaved children and a real highlight was when the family of 6 children sang their song Children are a Blessing from the Lord, and then exited the hall upstairs like The Sound of Music ! Loved the early prayer meetings and other times when I was able to take part as the Holy Spirit prompted me. The days flew by much too quickly and I really pray I may be able to go to Foundations again next year. I hope to become part of the Saltshakers Community and look forward to Sword magazine from time to time.”

This was one of many positive observations. Click here to see the full story.

If you want to see a very detailed and revealing report on the conference, I suggest you download Harriet's Journal - very eye-opening.


The Shepherd is the pilot for a new tv series. The entire TV show will be about the life of Christ through the eyes of those who encountered him called The Chosen.

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This slim volume is a follow-up to Maltz’s last book, Into the Lion’s Den, in which he explored the origins and consequences of Cultural Marxism. 

‘Noise’ is a simpler book on the same topic, intended to be given away to anyone not yet familiar with the way Western society has changed so radically in recent decades - and why. As such it has a more evangelistic flavour to it. 

Confronting the ‘Data Infestation’

The title reflects the fact that today we are surrounded by a clamour of competing and distracting voices. This ‘data infestation’ hampers our attempts to find a true understanding of the world and our part in it. 

The book has seven chapters, prefaced by a short introduction which sets the tone in a straightforward but telling manner that makes you want to read on. Maltz argues that this is a time when “focus, reflection and deeper thinking is really needed” (p6) but instead we are assailed and distracted by noise of all kinds, visual as well as verbal. Our brains are “impressive organs, but they are not designed to cope with such a maelstrom and the outcome is confusion and a lack of focus” (p6).


Published on 3 Nov 2015
A re-imagination of Paul's time in prison & his letter to the Philippians as an office mock-umentary.
Meet Lucius Picardius, the fictional head roman jailor, and follow his story.


I wrote this article in February 2016, and am reintroducing it after a question recently posed about the Rapture of the Church.  I have corrected the ‘typos’ made the first time round, and have rewritten parts.  Just as there is confusion in the nation (some would say, chaos), so there

Middle East Report

Stories this week include:  The wife of the President of Israel has undergone lung transplant surgery, CBN's humanitarian  work has far reaching impact on Israel and two Israelis killed in Ethiopia plane crash.

Olive Tree

Today I’m in a very busy coffee shop in Jerusalem talking to Ann who came to live in Israel from Texas at the age of 40 about 20 years ago.

Thinking Differently

What is Hebraic Church?

Watching Over Zion

The Word:  Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. (Isaiah 59:14-15)