A Catholic priest who described Glasgow Pride as a "gross offence to God" has been removed from his role as a university chaplain. Father Mark Morris reportedly organised a rosary of "reparation for the gross offence to God which is Pride Glasgow" at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Balornock. A website notice for the event on Sunday has since been deleted but he will no longer serve as chaplain at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).

A new survey has found that 47 per cent of British adults believe that the world would be a more peaceful place without religion. The Com Res survey was commissioned by religion think tank Theos as part of a report on the link between religion and violence. It found that while 61 per cent of people think that the teachings of religions are essentially peaceful, 70 per cent think that most of the wars in world history have been caused by religions.

LGBT campaign group Stonewall is under fire from within its own quarter, with over 100 lesbian campaigners objecting to its support for radical transsexual ideas. Lesbian Rights Alliance (LRA) published the open letter in the days after lesbians marched at the front of Pride in London to decry the idea that men can become women. The 135 signatories wrote that Stonewall backs the concept of male-bodied people being lesbian, and refuses to allow any debate on the issue. Following the controversy over the march, Stonewall chief Ruth Hunt said she ‘condemned in the strongest terms’ its critics and claimed they had “no place” at the march. Stonewall only began campaigning on transsexualism in 2015 after being accused of ignoring transsexuals and now is vocal on the subject.

Reactions to the Knesset’s passage overnight Wednesday of the new Jewish State law were predictably divided along party lines, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailing it as “a pivotal moment in the annals of Zionism and the State of Israel.” Lawmakers approved the law, which enshrines Israel as “the national home of the Jewish people” in the country’s quasi-constitutional Basic Laws, in its second and third readings, with 62 voting in favor, 55 opposed and two abstaining, after hours of heated debate in the Knesset chamber.

Ambassador Nikki Haley, US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, slammed the UN Human Rights Council during a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. “Judged by how far it has fallen short of its promise, the Human Rights Council is the United Nations’ greatest failure," said Haley. "It has taken the idea of human dignity – the idea that is at the center of our national creed and the birthright of every human being – and it has reduced it to just another instrument of international politics. And that is a great tragedy. I don’t come to this conclusion happily, or lightly," she continued. "To this day, the United States does more for human rights, both inside the UN and around the world, than any other country. And we will continue to do that. We just won’t do it inside a Council that consistently fails the cause of human rights.”