Ofsted’s Chief Inspector is facing calls to resign following her inflammatory speech about faith schools. Amanda Spielman had called on schools to promote a “muscular liberalism” to ‘face down’ socially conservative views. Her speech to a Church of England schools conference has come under fire from those who say such ‘liberalism’ is anything but liberal, and undermines free speech. Christians in Education’s Gill Robins said Spielman cannot “abuse her role as Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills by imposing her views on society.” Mrs Robins also noted that Ofsted’s motto is ‘Raising Standards, Improving Lives’, but asserted: “Lives are improved when people have the opportunity to determine their own beliefs, not have them inculcated by aggressive secular dogmatists.”

A “seriously inappropriate” advert for clothing retailer River Island has provoked outrage among parents when it was aired at 4pm. The 30 second advert features a gay kiss and a model labelled ‘100% gender free’. Parents and other shoppers have voiced their displeasure on social media after it was broadcast well before the watershed. Commenting on River Island’s Facebook page, one parent said: “My 10 year old daughter asked me to write to river island as she was shocked to see this on tv. “After watching it back I have to say I agree I cannot believe this was aired on tv and especially during the daytime when children may be watching. “To say it is provocative wouldn’t be enough. It’s very sexualised and very in your face!!!”

Richard Dawkins' book 'The God Delusion' will be turned into a play for the first time ever. Chorlton Arts Festival in Manchester will bring the atheist's 2006 book to the stage in May. Dawkins said: "I'm thrilled to see The God Delusion come to life on stage for the first time and for the message of the book to be given a new lease of life in this exciting way, it's going to be a treat for audiences." In his best-selling book, Dawkins argues that a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and if someone believes in a personal god, that person is delusional. Thomas Moore has taken the lead of transforming the book into a theatrical performance. He said: "The only way to describe the show is a light hearted journey through the sound reasoning that the book so brilliantly details.