Fish gotta swim, Bibi’s gotta…resign

Times of Israel - 1 hour 12 min ago
Netanyahu is likely to do what he himself predicted anyone in his position would do: make decisions aimed to keeping himself out of jail

Finance minister opposes reported plan for High Holiday handouts

Times of Israel - 1 hour 23 min ago
Israel Katz says he's not aware of push by Netanyahu for another round of cash grants and that in any case, 'I don’t think we should do that’

Invasion of the blame-snatchers: What the press is talking about on August 4

Times of Israel - 1 hour 31 min ago
Despite tensions in the north, the army would prefer not to point fingers at Hezbollah; and ministers and others appear to find a punching bag in Ronni Gamzu

Iran abducted California man in Dubai, family says

Times of Israel - 1 hour 51 min ago
Tehran accuses Jamshid Sharmahd, 65, a member of an exiled militant group, of planning 2008 attack on mosque that killed 14 people and wounded over 200

Ex-teacher hopes to free Belarus from President Lukashenko’s iron fist

Times of Israel - 1 hour 54 min ago
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, 37, emerges as unlikely challenger to dictator's 26-year rule, holding largest opposition rallies since Soviet era; says she is 'symbol of change'

Defending son’s ‘alien’ remark, Netanyahu says rallies against him ‘bizarre’

Times of Israel - 2 hours 13 min ago
After Yair Netanyahu interview attracts much criticism, PM chooses not to distance himself from comment; protest group raps back: 'Bizarre is when a criminal defendant is PM'

Brig. Gen. Nissan Davidi picked to lead IDF’s ‘Coronavirus Command’

Times of Israel - 2 hours 14 min ago
Newly formed unit tasked with 'breaking the chain of infection' by rapidly finding COVID-19 carriers and those who may have come in contact with them

Health minister: Weekend closure of retailers to be scrapped

Times of Israel - 2 hours 40 min ago
Yuli Edelstein says no evidence to show measure has helped curb spread of COVID-19: 'Besides bothering the public it doesn't do anything'

Knesset panel mulls opening of skies, as thousands of students get okay to enter

Times of Israel - 3 hours 15 sec ago
With relatives of Israelis refused entry, committee chair says there should be 'one rule for all'; Health Ministry opposes mass pilgrimage to Hasidic rabbi's grave in Ukraine

Paleolithic flint tools are 1st ‘breadcrumbs’ of modern man’s trail to Israel

Times of Israel - 3 hours 6 min ago
Migration route from Africa given new clarity by 100,000-year-old tools discovered outside Dimona in the Negev Desert made by unusual flint-knapping technique

Blue and White minister: West Bank annexation should be our goal

Times of Israel - 3 hours 10 min ago
Omer Yankelevich meets local settler leaders, says 'Judea and Samaria are the lands of our forefathers, this is our land,' but adds that 'right conditions' are necessary

Scared of COVID, heart attack patients waste ‘golden hour’ before hospitalizing

Times of Israel - 3 hours 36 min ago
Delaying ER arrival due to virus fears causes 60% increase in worst-case scenarios, but Israelis buck world trend of staying away from hospital completely