Abbas and Saudi crown prince meet, agree to establish economic committee

Times of Israel - 3 hours 54 min ago
PA president thanks kingdom for 'continued support of Palestinian people'; documents show Riyadh gave Ramallah $132.8 million between January and August

On an ancient road to the Temple, archaeological innovation, mystery and dispute

Times of Israel - 3 hours 57 min ago
As they excavate 2,000-year-old Stepped Street under thriving Arab neighborhood, careful to avoid collapsing the homes above, are archaeologists bending, or recreating, the rules?

Kurdish politician urges Israeli diplomatic intervention to stop Turkish assault

Times of Israel - 4 hours 8 min ago
Speaking to Israeli radio, lawmaker calls for action 'to save the Kurdish people,' as authorities ask for humanitarian corridor, accuse Ankara of using banned weapons in Syria

Erdogan threw Trump’s ‘Don’t be a fool!’ letter in trash — report

Times of Israel - 4 hours 22 min ago
Turkish presidential sources tell BBC that leader 'thoroughly rejected' US president's letter dated the day Ankara launched military campaign against Kurds in Syrian territory

Driver suspected of killing boy in Yom Kippur car crash was clean of drugs

Times of Israel - 5 hours 15 min ago
Blood test shows Amir Abu Laben was not under the influence when he hit 8-year-old Itay Margi; results contradict finding from early urine sample analysis

‘Drugs aren’t harmless – they are highly destructive’

Christian Institute - 5 hours 42 min ago

The manager of a soup kitchen who was attacked by a drug dealer has called for people to reject the “fashionable lie” that drugs are harmless.

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Shaked on PM’s loyalty pledge: Couples don’t keep reaffirming marriage contracts

Times of Israel - 5 hours 46 min ago
Former justice minister, whose New Right party didn't sign statement against joining minority coalition backed by the Joint List, says earlier document was enough

IDF downs drone along border with Gaza Strip

Times of Israel - 6 hours 1 min ago
Army says UAV was near security fence in the south of the Palestinian enclave, doesn't specify whether it entered Israeli airspace

US Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore dies aged 68

Times of Israel - 6 hours 1 min ago
Maryland lawmaker founded Israel project to bring Jewish and black communities closer; led probes into Trump, who responded with remark about his district slammed as racist

How would a minority government work?

Times of Israel - 6 hours 42 min ago
No minority coalition has ever been formed immediately following elections but Israeli law does not explicitly state that a new government must enjoy absolute majority support

UK teacher sacked after ‘joking’ about sending kids to gas chambers — report

Times of Israel - 6 hours 46 min ago
According to the Daily Mail, educator made comment to class of 10-year-olds, many of whom are Jewish

Why a sukkah?

Times of Israel - 6 hours 47 min ago
With so many memorable events in the Torah, why do we commemorate the temporary dwellings of the Israelites in the wilderness, of all things?

Johnson announces Brexit deal with EU, but parliaments still need to agree

Times of Israel - 6 hours 51 min ago
Agreement still needs to be ratified by British lawmakers and the bloc; European Commission's Juncker says deal is 'fair and balanced'

Why Are Palestinians 'Disappearing' in Saudi Arabia?

Gatestone Institute - 6 hours 59 min ago
The Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med), a youth-led independent organization that advocates for human rights across Europe and the Middle East, said it has collected names of about 60 Palestinians detained by the Saudi