The aim is to provide a thorough and exhaustive Bible study on the life of Jesus, following the events of his life in a chronological order. It is intended for folk eager for an understanding of the Hebraic background to Jesus and the Gospels. The Bible study, if released on a weekly basis, should take 3 years to run its course, though all lessons will be held on-line so folk will be able to start the Bible study at any time.

The core of the material is a commentary, "Our Jewish Gospels", produced (and still working on) by Bob Doty, of Kol Emeth Ministries, Illinois, USA. We are extremely thankful and privileged to have access to this material.

The intention is to release a new lesson every Monday (depending on circumstances and resources). This will comprise of the Bible verses (NKJV, though there will be a facility to view the verses in other versions), the Hebraic commentary, some leading questions to prompt your thinking and a discussion forum based on those questions, for the wider community to explore what is being looked at.

The hope is that the wider community will use the forum to ask questions, answer questions, discuss and argue. Through this medium it is hoped that believers will grow together in faith and knowledge and unity. It will also be possible to download Word documents for the weekly material so the lessons can be printed and used in a group discussion for home groups etc.

Only registered users will be able to contribute (registration is free) and the forum rules will be strictly adhered to. All discussions must be on-point and free of abuse, blasphemy, deliberate heresy and incitement. Any rule-breaking will be met by immediate deletion of registration without explanation (we don't have the resources to get into any discussions on this).

The Life of Jesus Bible Study is run purely on a voluntary un-paid basis by one person (me). As such Saltshakers reserves the right to halt or slow down production of lessons if time is not available. Currently no promises can be made for the regular production of material.

This is all done for the Glory of God.