A series of answers given in discussions over the Internet, in answer to the challenges of anti-missionaries. These are sometimes polemic, given the nature of the forums in which they appeared; but they can frequently be informative, nevertheless.

Extract: WE JEWS HAVE OUR OWN RELIGION! WE DON'T NEED YOURS!: Yes, Jews already follow a religion which is derived largely from scripture (and so, since we believe that scripture is the revelation of the truth to man, this religion is thereby closer to the truth than are the religions devised by men, such as Hinduism or Buddhism.) But HaShem also ordained that Yeshua should come to the Jewish people (and not to the Romans, or to the Greeks, or to the Anglo-Saxons). Yeshua said to Nicodemus, 'You must be born again.' Nicodemus was a master in Israel, well-versed in Jewish practice. Yet even to him, Nicodemus, Yeshua explained that traditional practices alone were not enough, there had to be something more. I believe that for a Jew to be most truly a Jew, he must also believe in his messiah. And that Faithfulness to the Torah and to G-d requires this. The Torah says that prophets whose prophecies come true are to be followed. Yeshua prophesied his own death and resurrection. IF he truly rose from the dead, then the Torah requires that his teaching be followed. Now, of course, you might dispute the premise that he rose from the dead. However, since we do believe this (if we didn't, we wouldn't be his followers), we must also believe as a logical consequence that the Torah commands us to follow Yeshua of Nazareth's teachings. Since you dispute the premise, you do not see this consequence.

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