A series of answers given in discussions over the Internet, in answer to the challenges of anti-missionaries. These are sometimes polemic, given the nature of the forums in which they appeared; but they can frequently be informative, nevertheless.

Extract: The following questions were raised in discussions on the Internet during the course of the last year (1996). The answers offered here were either provided at the time, or else have been especially recreated for this book. Each of the respondents (which include both messianic Jews and gentile Christians) has chosen to be represented only by first and last initials.

Of course, no one "coverts" another person to the truth about Yeshua; the Holy Spirit does this. No amount of argument, "logic", or "analysis" is sufficient by itself to help people come to the fullness of understanding of the depth of G-d's chesed. Our task instead is merely to uplift Yeshua, who, if he is lifted up, has promised to draw all men unto himself.

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