Nearly 500 years after the Bishop of London burned copies of William Tyndale’s New Testament outside St Paul’s Cathedral in 1526, to prevent ordinary people having access to Scripture in their own language, St Paul’s has once again turned on the Word of God. A man was apparently arrested outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London after reading the Bible aloud in public. The street preacher insisted to a police officer that he was “not committing a crime” as the arrest took place. A video released on social media on 24 June, shows a bearded man with an American accent being spoken to by a police officer in an open paved area in a pedestrian zone near the steps of St Paul’s. The man asked the policeman why he is being told to move on while other people are standing there talking, before adding he is a preacher and that he has been reading the King James Bible there for weeks. The police officer tells him,"I haven’t got a problem with what you are doing, but staff here have asked you to move off of the property." When the preacher continues to politely protest the police officer says, “Then I will arrest you for a breach of the peace.”