Asda has been heavily criticised for promoting an LGBT education pack which parents say normalises paedophilia. The supermarket’s George department emailed customers with learning packs for primary and secondary aged children created by a pro-LGBT group called Diversity Role Models (DRM). One exercise in the primary pack told children to watch a video and to consider what would make a good slogan, suggesting ‘Love has no age limit’ as an example. Suggested reading material in the secondary pack also featured a book called ‘Beyond Magenta’, which includes explicit sexual references including a six-year-old boy engaging in sexual activities with other children. One passage reads: “From six up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral.” A number of parents took to social media to express their disgust, with one parent saying “suggesting love has no age limit is a very, very bad idea”.