Dear prayer warriors,

Sending love to you all in these challenging times!

I have been back at work now 10 days; 1 week early from maternity leave.  So far I have been allocated 2 non Covid wards, but from Wednesday this week all will change. I will most likely be deployed to either ITU or ED, although this is not as yet set in stone.  I have stipulated I require hours to be around nursery times.  I do not have back up child care options with the current restrictions.  It may come to a time of no choice, and then I simply do not know know what I will do.

I am frightened.  About my own safety and well being, concerned,  About my family who need me, anxious.  About my husband who has asthma, worried. Wondering if I will see my beautiful son and daughter grow, fall in love and marry.  But frightened as I approach the edge of this waterfall in my small inflatable dingy, and look down and see that we only have 130 ventilators at my major teaching hospital and a limited supply of oxygen.  To know there will be many lives lost that could have been saved is my nightmare, likely shared by doctors up and down the country.  We see death and dying all the time, but never where it could have been avoided had we had enough resources.  The horror of what is creeping upon us speaks to me of the Michelangelo fresco in the Sistine chapel; lives falling whilst we reach out helpless.

Whatever my life will become this week, I walk in one hope, and one hope alone; Jesus.  The very essence and personhood ofhe Lord Himself; He is the oxygen who will sustain life.  He is the ultimate reality, and one who will carry me and I Him to save as many as we can, and mourn those we cannot.  If and when I am sent to the front line, in a dark place I will look to Him for the miraculous.  I will call upon His name for heavenly aid.  To send His angels to bring about the impossible.  And in that place, I invite you to stand with me and all Christian NHS workers, and bring down heaven’s glory to those who most need Him. Heart felt, gut wrenching prayer that will grab hold of heaven and not let go.  Prayer that will be answered in the summoning of angels to drive back the enemy from our land and in its wake bring a revelation of God’s goodness.  Prayer that would see a rapid multiplication of ventilators by industry that none thought possible, with testimonies of the miraculous.  Prayer that would see success of a vaccine within months beyond human reach.. Prayer for Africa that would see an unexplained wall of protection. 

In the aftermath of social and economic crisis may a song of hope rise up with the rhythm of God’s beating heart, uniting all churches to bring hope and healing to a nation on her knees. 

With love