A poem by a delegate at FOUNDATIONS 10

Coming together in beautiful Devon, the body of Christ had a taste of heaven

Drawn from all over by God above, our hearts knit together in a bond of love

The gathering’s name was Foundations 10; the theme was “Further into the Lion’s den”

So, in a world that clenches its fist and demands that we bow down and do not resist

Crying “Liberation! Let me be free!  To sin against God and rebel against He!”

This gathering came not for that liberty, but in reverent fear to bow their knee

To the Holy One Who on Calvary’s tree, from the bondage of sin had set them free

What a price has been paid for THIS liberty, God’s very own blood, a fount of mercy

So, we gathered to worship as one family, to give glory to Jesus and enjoy Him with glee

Bonded together is one unity; how precious, how sweet, together to be!

Words are inadequate to describe the sublime but here is a flavour of our happy time:

The teaching was centred on God’s Word not man’s, we were exhorted to surrender to Father’s plans

To lay down our rebellion and come out of the dark and heed the LORD’s call to join Him in the ark

To rid ourselves of the fear of man; instead fearing Him Who ultimately can

Throw body and soul to the fires of hell; not shrinking, not compromising, a gospel to tell

From our advantage in Jesus far above, we can soar over trouble on wings of a dove

And fix our eyes on our glory, our crown; keep standing in victory and keep looking down!

There was dancing in freedom, arts and crafts, timelines, evangelism and quite a few laughs!

Yeshivas, cartoons, we could show and could tell, with preaching umpired by a heresy bell

True repentance that washes and cleanses the soul, was aided and abetted by a large fish bowl

A man in white made a courageous stand; his garments cleansed by the blood of the Lamb

The blessing of children, what a joy to behold; sweetness of fellowship for the young and the old

Words won’t suffice for adequately expressing, the fellowship, joy and wonderful blessing

All we can do is simply lay at His feet, those costly sins that His blood did defeat

We give God all the glory, our voices we raise, our hearts full of wonder, love and praise.

So, if you want to sample a taste of heaven, perhaps you should come to Foundations 11!