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AUTUMN 2020: Becoming an Overcomer: Starting Thursday November 12th at 7:00pm (Mike Dwight)

Session 1: November 12th TO LISTEN

Session 2: November 19th TO LISTEN

Session 3: November 26th TO LISTEN

AUTUMN 2020: Mini-series: Starting Thursday September 10th at 7:00pm (Paul Luckraft)

Session 1: September 10th TO LISTEN

Session 2: September 17th TO LISTEN

Session 3: September 24th TO LISTEN

Session 4: October 1st TO LISTEN

Session 5: October 8th TO LISTEN

Session 6: October 15th TO LISTEN

SUMMER 2020: Mini-series: Starting Thursday August 13th at 7:00pm (Steve Maltz)

FLOCKDOWN - Session 1: August 13th TO LISTEN

FLOCKDOWN - Session 2: August 20th TO LISTEN

FLOCKDOWN - Session 3: August 27th TO LISTEN

FLOCKDOWN - Session 4: September 3rd TO LISTEN

SPRING 2020: Mini-series: Starting Thursday May 7th at 7:00pm (Paul Luckraft)

Session 1: May 7th TO LISTEN

Session 2: May 14th TO LISTEN

Session 3: May 21st TO LISTEN

Session 4: May 28th TO LISTEN

Session 5: June 4th TO LISTEN

Session 6: June 11th TO LISTEN

Session 7: June 18th TO LISTEN

Session 8: June 25th TO LISTEN

Session 9: July 2nd TO LISTEN

Session 10: July 9th TO LISTEN

Session 11: July 16th TO LISTEN

Session 12: July 23rd TO LISTEN

Session 13: July 30th TO LISTEN

AUTUMN 2019: Mini-series: Starting Thursday November 7th at 7:00pm (Paul Luckraft)

Session 1: November 7th TO LISTEN

Session 2: November 14th TO LISTEN

Session 3: November 21st TO LISTEN

Session 4: November 28th TO LISTEN

Session 5: December 5th TO LISTEN

Session 6: December 12th TO LISTEN

Session 7: January 23rd TO LISTEN

Session 8: January 30th TO LISTEN

Session 9: February 6th TO LISTEN

Session 10: February 13th TO LISTEN

Session 11: March 12th TO LISTEN

Session 12: March 19th TO LISTEN

Session 13: March 26th TO LISTEN

Session 14: April 2nd TO LISTEN

AUTUMN 2019: Mini-series: Starting Thursday September 12th at 7:00pm (Steve Maltz)

Session 1: June 6th: Remez TO LISTEN

Session 2: June 13th: Midrash TO LISTEN

SPRING 2019: One New Man: Starting Thursday April 25th at 7:00pm (Steve Maltz)

Session 1: April 25th: God's Masterplan / Moedim TO LISTEN

Session 2: May 9th: Shalom of Oneness/ Chaim & Simcha TO LISTEN

Session 3: May 16th: Kadosh & Chesed TO LISTEN

Session 4: May 23rd: Mishpocha, Limmud & Berachot TO LISTEN

Session 5: May 30th: The Gentiles / Shalom of Oneness TO LISTEN

WINTER 2019: Uncovering the ancient wells: Starting Thursday January 10th at 7:00pm (Paul Luckraft)

Session 1: January 10th: TO LISTEN

Session 2: January 17th: TO LISTEN

Session 3: January 24th: TO LISTEN

Session 4: January 31st: TO LISTEN

Session 5: February 7th: TO LISTEN

Session 6: February 14th: TO LISTEN

Session 7: February 21st: TO LISTEN

Session 8: February 28th: TO LISTEN

Session 9: March 7th: TO LISTEN

Session 10: March 14th: TO LISTEN

AUTUMN 2018: Uncovering the ancient wells: Starting Thursday November 15th at 7:00pm (Paul Luckraft)

Session 1: November 15th: TO LISTEN

Session 2: November 22nd: TO LISTEN

Session 3: November 29th: TO LISTEN

Session 4: December 6th: TO LISTEN

Session 5: December 13th: TO LISTEN

SUMMER 2018: Church lost and found: Starting Monday May 14th at 7:00pm (Steve Maltz)

Session 1: May 14th: Defining the problem / How the Church was derailed - TO LISTEN

Session 2: May 21st: Plato's playground / Warnings against Greek thinking - TO LISTEN

Session 3: June 11th: Aristotle's laboratory / Greek and Hebraic thinking - TO LISTEN

Session 4: June 18th: Thinking about Beginnings / What exactly is Hebraic thinking - TO LISTEN

Session 5: June 25th: Salvation / God / Living by Faith - TO LISTEN

Session 6: July 2nd: How we live / Hell - TO LISTEN

Session 7: July 9th: God's unchanging Word / Israel & the Jews / One New Man - TO LISTEN

Session 8: July 16th: End Times / Living in expectation - TO LISTEN

WINTER 2018: Communicating with our Culture: Started Monday January 15th (Steve Maltz)

Session 1: January 15th: Principles and Mindsets - TO LISTEN

Session 2: January 22nd: The Past and the Present - TO LISTEN

Session 3: January 29th: Following the Master - TO LISTEN

Session 4: February 5th: Form and Function - TO LISTEN

Session 5: February 19th: So how do we live? - TO LISTEN

Session 6: February 26th: Moving forwards - TO LISTEN

AUTUMN 2017: Jesus and his Church: Oct-Dec 2017 (Steve Maltz)

TO LISTEN TO SESSION 1 (The Greek mindset)

TO LISTEN TO SESSION 2 (The Jewish Jesus)

TO LISTEN TO SESSION3 (The Hebraic Mindset)

NO RECORDING FOR SESSION 4 (The First 12 Chapters of Genesis)

TO LISTEN TO SESSION5 (Hebraic Church)

TO LISTEN TO SESSION6 (Cinderella Church)


The above is a sample session from our first course


Suggestion: (You probably already do this in one form or other) Have an area on your website that has comments by people who have implemented the principles of Hebraic Church in their personal congregations. Their suggestions on "How they did it", the response of the congregation and what has been the results in helping people develop a Hebrew mindset. Shalom! Barbara from Tallassee, Alabama, U.S.A.

Steve, thank you for making these teachings available - both the Foundations Conferences and the Bible School teachings. I usually listen to them several times and it's good to know that I can always go back and listen again if I choose. Saltshakers is very fortunate to have such a group of teachers and scholars to share treasures from God's Word that we "common folk" don't know that really illumines the text and helps to connect the dots. Although I haven't been able to join you in all of the live recordings, because I'm at work when you meet in the evenings, I feel like I know many of you just by listening to everyone giving their input. I feel like I am part of the Saltshakers' mishpacha and hope to join in the live dialogue again in the near future. Be encourage for all of your efforts. You are fueling the flame of Hebraic understanding more than you realize. Shalom and blessings, Barbara Daniels from Tallassee, Alabama, U.S.A.