2 Chronicles 14 – 16; 1 Kings 15:9-15

We wonder sometimes how a bad person could come from a good family, and find it incredible that a good person could possibly come from a bad family.  Reading through the kings of Israel and Judah, we discover examples of both.  The third king of Judah after the separation of Judah and Israel, Asa, proves to one that coming from an evil family background need not be a handicap to holiness.  Asa proved to be the godly son of a godless father named Abijah or Abijam, the second king of Judah.  Abijah was what john Bunyan described as “Mr Facing-Both-Ways”, since he tried to do what Jesus taught was impossible; he tried to serve two masters.  Manasseh, on the other hand, was a godless son of a godly father.  The Bible is a revelation of life in the raw.  God reveals what many would prefer to be hidden.  Asa, despite his later series of religious deviations, was the most godly king to arise in Judah, from the division of Solomon’s kingdom up to this point (1 Kings 15:11).  There are four outstanding events to consider when studying this period of history:

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