As Cathedrals install fun activities to draw people in, the loud circus slide at Norwich Cathedral gets criticism for being a step too far. Rochester Cathedral in Kent opened its nine-hole crazy golf course to the public last month and Peterborough Cathedral is having a gin and prosecco festival - all as part of a bid to continue the success of Cathedral attendance in England, with their numbers growing in comparison to parish churches. However, Norwich Cathedral has received accusations of being 'preoccupied with the demands of society' by building a 55ft helter skelter next to their impressive stained glass window. Rt Dr Gavin Ashenden, former Chaplain to the Queen, told The Telegraph: "There's a sliding scale between mockery and blasphemy. It's a mockery because it's treating God like a tourist attraction, instead of as the creator of the universe who is going to hold us accountable for our ethical failures.