WEEK 12 : The Redemption of Yeshua


Luke 2:21

And when eight days were completed for the circumcision of the Child, His name was called Yeshua, the name given by the angel before He was conceived in the womb.

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Vs. 21: Circumcision shows the faith of the parents, not the child. If the child were given the option, he would probably vote against it, since it is not a pleasant experience. That is why circumcision was not fulfilled in baptism. There is no grounds for infant baptism, because baptism always shows the faith of the one being baptized. There is no way an infant can have any comprehension of the meaning of baptism.

Circumcision was always on the eighth day, and also the time in the Jewish world for the official naming. The ritual for this is called Pidyon haBen. Circumcision was inaugurated in two different covenants, the Abrahamic Covenant and the Mosaic Covenant. Each had a different purpose. Circumcision under the Abrahamic Covenant was a sign of a “son of the covenant.” Circumcision under the Mosaic Covenant was a sign of submission to the Torah (Brit Milah). It is still necessary for the Jews because these two covenants are eternal covenants.

Both Miriam and Yoseph were told on separate occasions that the Child was to be named Yeshua. The official naming of a child in the Jewish world then, as today, comes on the day of circumcision. Yeshua was circumcised and on this occasion was officially named in obedience to what the angel told them, and more importantly, in obedience to the Torah commandments.

There is also a physical reason for circumcising on the eighth day. It has been discovered that the blood is at its highest level of clotting on that day. The Lord created us, and He knows more about our bodies than we do.


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