The Foundations vision began in 2012 in mid-winter as an experiment. After six more “experiments” in subsequent years we finally feel that, with Foundations 7 this April, we have “cracked it”. We have arrived at the beginnings of a model for a different kind of Christian conference, one that is informed by Hebraic principles, rather than the rigid structures that have become the norm in the Christian world. Here’s how David Andrew, one of our Bible teachers, explained it:

 This being our third 'Foundations', Agnes and I have been completely won over by the completely 'outside of the box' experience - a feature which has successively developed and improved with each year. Although we are blessed with a great many fine conferences and teachers, it's not normal for Christian gatherings to challenge the stubborn structures of religion that can so easily leave us 'well-taught but still caught' in the sticky webs of western Gentile / Greek religiosity that we have never thought to question because ... we have never thought! Although I'm sure it's not the intention of organisers or speakers or the 'punters', I think that the effect all too often is to provide 'entertainment for the troops' that ensures them a good meal but essentially changes nothing and leaves moribund structures unchallenged. Not so Foundations!

The idea is to provide a structure where the freedom for delegates to explore and discover is paramount. Fuelled by solid Bible teaching, we should create an environment where each person can create their own path in how they respond, rather than being shepherded along. Each should be able to connect with each other and with God and for there to be space for each to discover where the Lord is taking them in their life. These are basic principles of the model we have created, which we call Hebraic Church. David continues:

It was sheer joy to wander around and see folks relishing the freedoms of Hebraic Church Day: prayer-walking a la Chris and Lindy - Galilee in Shropshire - and [sharp intake of conservative breath] enjoying solo communion with 'fishbowl confession'. To see brothers and sisters released to share rich testimonies, preach, spontaneously burst into praise, learn to worship by dancing was so precious... Absolutely amazing freedom and yet, enjoyed with reverence and respect, 'decently and in order' because the awesome Presence of Our Lord Jesus pervaded every moment and every heart on the site.  

We intend, where God allows, to adapt this model for weekend regional Foundations conferences. The only firm booking we have is December 2nd-4th at Brunel Manor, Devon but we are currently exploring options in Kent, Essex and the Midlands. We need to make this clear that these are not your usual teaching conferences. Teaching, of course, is paramount and we will make use of the best possible teachers who follow our vision (not necessarily the big names), but, more importantly, we want to create an unforgettable journey for people who want to get serious with their God, by exploring the Hebraic foundations of their faith but also applying this knowledge personally.

Does this interest you? We are looking for delegates, whether they have been to a Foundations conference or not. We are also looking for those who can network for us, to find those who could really benefit from such an experience. Perhaps you could also help us organise a regional conference. Please pray over such things.

Many blessings

Steve & Monica Maltz    

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