This slim volume is a follow-up to Maltz’s last book, Into the Lion’s Den, in which he explored the origins and consequences of Cultural Marxism. 

‘Noise’ is a simpler book on the same topic, intended to be given away to anyone not yet familiar with the way Western society has changed so radically in recent decades - and why. As such it has a more evangelistic flavour to it. 

Confronting the ‘Data Infestation’

The title reflects the fact that today we are surrounded by a clamour of competing and distracting voices. This ‘data infestation’ hampers our attempts to find a true understanding of the world and our part in it. 

The book has seven chapters, prefaced by a short introduction which sets the tone in a straightforward but telling manner that makes you want to read on. Maltz argues that this is a time when “focus, reflection and deeper thinking is really needed” (p6) but instead we are assailed and distracted by noise of all kinds, visual as well as verbal. Our brains are “impressive organs, but they are not designed to cope with such a maelstrom and the outcome is confusion and a lack of focus” (p6).