Our purpose is to help you on your journey, particularly if it's a sincere journey into the heart of God and His ways. On our website we are concerned with five main areas; God, Jesus, the Bible, Israel and the Church. To get you started, if you are looking for reading matter to take you deeper, here are some resources that should help.


  • Read THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - if you want an easy but challenging exploration of how God communicates with us in a whole assortment of ways
  • Read WATER - for a quick entertaining read that will pose some interesting questions


  • Read JESUS, MAN OF MANY NAMES - if you want a fresh, challenging and unexpected view of the Messiah, from a Jewish perspective
  • Read THE (OTHER) F WORD - for a direct, quirky explanation of the Gospel, that pulls no punches. Good for teenagers
  • Read BLOOD - for a quick challenging and entertaining read to help you understand things of God.
  • Read BREAD - if you want a bite-sized explanation of what being a follower of Jesus is really all about


  • Read GOD'S SIGNATURE - for an amazing "page-turner" of a journey into Hebrew and the Old Testament
  • Read GOD'S BLUEPRINT - to really understand what the Old Testament is all about
  • Read GOD'S TAPESTRY - to understand the relevance of the Old Testament to Christians today



  • Read HOW THE CHURCH LOST THE WAY - if you want to know how the Church today has lost much of the early promise of the days of the apostles
  • Read HOW THE CHURCH LOST THE TRUTH - for a challenging and entertaining historical analysis of how the Church has lost many of its certainties
  • Read TO LIFE! - if you want to know how we can start to think and act like the first generation of the Church at the time of Acts
  • Read THE BISHOP'S NEW CLOTHES - for a challenging and surprising journey into the modern Church to see if it is really 'doing the stuff'
  • Read THE JESUS MINDSET - for a quick look into the midset of Jesus and the early disciples
  • Read A QUESTION NO-ONE DARES TO ASK - why no kids for Father Ted? This small booklet will surprise you.