Steve Chalke has said churches could be flouting safeguarding rules and risking high-profile prosecutions in future if they continue conversion therapy for LGTBT+ people. Chalke, a Baptist minister, social activist and founder of Oasis charity, led an online conference on the issue on Saturday. The 'Creating Sanctuary' conference explored how church leaders can be equipped to engage with the issues of safeguarding LGBT+ people in churches.  Chalke said in a statement: "Ultimately every church ought to want to provide sanctuary and safety for all, especially for those who have experienced hurt, rejection or marginalisation. "While the debate about how to read the Bible in relation to LGBT+ people continues, the absence of safe and affirming churches has had a significant, negative and sometimes tragic impact on LGBT+ people, as well as on their families and friends. "What churches often describe as pastoral concern, prayer or even 'deliverance ministry' for those with 'same-sex attraction' is, in fact, a highly toxic and psychologically abusive environment where vulnerable LGBT+ people, many of them teenagers or even children, report that they have been taught to believe that their desires are 'sinful'."