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The Word:  O God, do not remain silent; do not turn a deaf ear, do not stand aloof, O God. See how Your enemies growl, how Your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against Your people; they plot against those You cherish. “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”  With one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you… Make them like tumbleweed, my God, like chaff before the wind. As fire consumes the forest or a flame sets the mountains ablaze, so pursue them with Your tempest and terrify them with Your storm. Cover their faces with shame, Lord, so that they will seek Your name. May they ever be ashamed and dismayed; may they perish in disgrace. Let them know that You, whose name is the Lord— that You alone are the Most High over all the earth. (Psalm 83: 1-5, 13-18)

*   Pointers for prayer:  When God cut His covenant with Abraham, He promised his descendants ownership of the land of Israel as an everlasting possession (Genesis 17:8). This promise of ownership was transferred through Isaac and Jacob to Israel (Genesis 26:3-4; 35:12; Psalm 105:8-11).  God also promised a second regathering of the Jewish people to their land in the latter days, from which they will never be uprooted again (Isaiah 11:11-14; Jeremiah 16:14-16; Ezekiel 11:17; Amos 9:14-15). The promise of the regathering specifically includes Judea and Samaria – commonly misnamed ‘the West Bank’ (Jeremiah 31:5-14; Ezekiel 36:1-15).  With the ongoing surge of Islamic extremism throughout the world, the enemy is doing his utmost to annul God’s promises to His people.  This past week has brought even more threats to the people of Israel with further terrorist attacks in Israel and ugly demonstrations in London, UK.  Please continue to pray for protection for Israel from all the attempts by the enemy to destroy God’s plans for Israel. As terrorism is always a huge threat to Israel (and indeed here in Britain), let us battle on in our intercession regarding this issue.  Let us pray for great wisdom and discernment too for the times ahead.

*   Can we ponder the above Scriptures, and turn this into intercession and a proclamation of God's promises. Thank God for His faithfulness to the Jewish people and His everlasting love for them. Praise Him that He will prevail over every principality, power, and false religion that seeks to usurp Him and destroy the truth of His Word!

*   Please continue to pray that God will grant Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government courage to not give in to international pressure to divide Jerusalem, and continue to proclaim God's sovereignty over the nation of Israel.  As you read through this report, please bring all these issues before the Lord - that this generation may know the relevance of the days in which we live.

“Let us destroy them as a nation, so Israel’s name is remembered no more.”   In my last report, I asked the question, “Is there yet hope?”  This past two weeks has brought many disturbing headlines to our attention that, to be totally honest, causes me to despair that all hope is indeed lost.  No wonder the Psalmist in Psalm 83 (above) declares, “O God, do not remain silent; do not turn a deaf ear, do not stand aloof, O God. See how your enemies roar, how your foes rear their heads.”  The Psalm then goes on to state, “With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish. “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.””  Last Sunday, we once again witness hordes of people marching through the streets of London yelling, “Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea”.  The meaning of this chant is clear – they want Israel wiped off the face of the map. 

Just some of the headlines in Israeli based papers this week have stated: “Hezbollah Flags Fly at ‘Al Quds Day’ March in London as Islamist Agitators Blame Grenfell Tower Tragedy on ‘Zionists’”; “Palestinian Authority Praises Killers of Israeli Policewoman Despite Assurances to Trump on Terror.”  “Palestinians Launch Fresh UNESCO Bid to Deny Jewish Ties to Hebron Holy Sites,” and BBC repugnant headlines: “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two”. [This was removed and updated after many complaints were made.]  But should people really need to complain before the truth is published?

Despite the recent horrific London terrorist attacks and the Manchester bombing, Islamic extremist ‘Al-Quds Day march’ still went ahead in London last weekend.  This was despite nearly 25,000 people signing a petition delivered to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.  One letter stated, “After the terrible recent terrorist events in Manchester and London this display of extremism has no place on the streets of the UK… Allowing this march to go ahead will send a worrying message to the UK's Jewish community and call into question the commitment of the Mayor of London to eradicate extremism and anti-Semitism.”  In a written response to the petition, the Mayor of London, Mr Khan stated, “As is the case for any group, protesters have the right to march as long as they do so within the law. The mayor does not have the power to ban a march in London.”

You may recall that when Theresa May was ‘Home Secretary,’ she gave clear guidance on hate crime to all police forces. These guidelines made specific mention of anti-Semitism and confirmed that holding Hezbollah flags “is a criminal offence in accordance with Section 13 of the Terrorism Act 2000”. The act states that people who “wear clothing or carry or display articles in public in such a way or in such circumstances as arouse reasonable suspicion that an individual is a member or supporter of the proscribed organisation are guilty of a criminal offence."  Yet last Sunday, London witnessed Hezbollah flags being waved in the UK capital.   So how was this allowed? 

Apparently, the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) who were responsible for organizing the march, stated on their website that participants “are welcome to bring flags that show solidarity with the Palestinian cause.” The group added, “You can bring a Hezbollah flag to show support for the political wing of Hezbollah. This is because the political wing of Hezbollah is not a proscribed organization.”  However, both the political wing and the military wing of the terrorist Hezbollah organization use the same flag.  Around 1,000 people joined the anti-Israel march - with numerous men, women and children openly waving the flag of proscribed terrorist organisation Hezbollah in full view of dozens of Metropolitan Police officers on duty for the event. 

Accompanying the Hezbollah flags were placards supporting the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and accusing the Jewish state of war crimes, genocide, and ethnic cleansing. But what was worse, in my personal opinion, was that marchers delighted in chants such as “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which surely exposes the true intent of the organizers: that of the total destruction of the Jewish state. In previous years, chants also included, “we are all Hamas.” This year, as the demonstration left its starting point outside the BBC building in Duchess Street, supporters held up banners stating: "Zionism is Racism" and "We are all Hezbollah".  Along with the chants of "From the river to the sea - Palestine will be free” they also shouted: "Zionists/ISIS are the same. Only difference is the name".  Hundreds of smaller paper flags bearing the machine gun logo of the Hezbollah movement were held high by the crowd.   One large Hezbollah flag was also flown next to a large Palestinian flag at the front of the march.

However, worse was to come as one of the speakers at the ‘Al Quds Day’ March in London declared that the horrific London Grenfell Tower tragedy was the fault of ‘Zionists’.  Speaking through a loudspeaker at the front of the demonstration, a man proclaimed: “This demonstration calls on justice for Grenfell.  Some of the biggest supporters of the Conservative Party are Zionists… They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell.  The Zionist supporters of the Tory Party. Free, Free, Palestine!"  When a member of the Jewish Chronicle asked why this person was able to express such an opinion openly, a female police officer said: "It's just an opinion." To hear this hate speech and check out the evidence, click here: .  One person on Twitter replied, “Lies and anti-Semitism are alive and well on the streets of London today.  Reminiscent of Nazi propaganda - scary stuff.” Jewish and pro-Israel groups also organized a counter-demonstration, and a significant police presence ensured the sides were kept apart. The counter demonstration was addressed by Kay Wilson, victim of a horrendous terror attack in 2010. 

“Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two”.   As I mention above, this headline came from the BBC after yet another terrorist attack upon the Jewish people.  The BBC stated, “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two”. This was removed and updated after many complaints were made.  Later, Abbas’ Palestinian Authority turned the Islamic murderers into the victims.  Fatah called Israel's shooting of the three terrorist as a ‘murderous act’.  Fatah stated this attack was a “despicable crime that was committed today in cold blood and claimed the lives of three Palestinians.”  The facts were that three Arab Palestinian terrorists had just attacked, stabbed and murdered a 23-year-old Israeli policewoman, Hadas Malka, near the Old City of Jerusalem's Damascus gate.  Armed with guns and knives, the three terrorists had been planning a large terrorist attack. Many other innocent Israelis could have been killed had not the Israeli Policewoman intervened. However after the young Israeli woman was murdered, police immediately shot and killed the three terrorists.  But according to the Palestinian Authority, Israel does not have the right to stop Palestinian terrorists in the act of murdering Israelis, for to do so is a "war crime."  Fatah (PA) immediately and repeatedly condemned Israel and honoured the terrorist murderers calling them Shahids (Islamic Martyrs). The mother of one of the Palestinian terrorists who knifed the 23 year old Israeli female to death stated, “I wanted him to succeed in killing twenty, fifty, one hundred of them... thank god I am proud.” 

In related news, Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority have named yet another square after a terrorist. The newly inaugurated "Martyr Khaled Nazzal Square," is named after the terror leader who planned the attack that led to the murder of 22 children and 4 adults in the Ma'alot Massacre on May 15, 1974. This is just the latest example of the PA's relentless glorification of terrorists.  The new square is in Jenin.  Remember… these are the people that the world’s politicians, including the UN and the majority of the British MP’s (both Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems etc.) are expecting Israel to make peace with.  "Peace partners"?! Really? The full story can be read here:

Palestinians launch fresh UNESCO bid to deny Jewish ties to Israel    As many of you will know, over the past few months, I have been touring parts of the UK speaking at various places.  The main theme of the talks centred on the issue of Jerusalem and Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority’s demand for the U.N. to acknowledge that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City have “no historic ties to Judaism.”  Everywhere I’ve been invited I’ve challenged the Christian audience that if the U.N. agreed that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall were exclusively Islamic and had nothing to do with Judaism, then they were declaring that the Gospel writers, and therefore by implication all the New Testament is untrue, inaccurate and full of fables, as Jesus could not have done what the Bible proclaims He did in and on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. 

Proving through archaeology, and taking the audience on a pictorial journey through the Western Wall tunnels and the Southern Wall’s ancient steps, that date back to Herod’s Temple and beyond, I have tried to enable the church to see the importance of the truth, and how we need to act and pray against these acts by the UN in dismissing Israel’s biblical history.  However, if Abbas hadn’t tried hard enough to disprove history and the Bible, he is once again attempting to allure the United Nations into further lies and deceit.  Palestinian representatives at the global cultural and heritage organization UNESCO are campaigning for the Cave of the Patriarchs and the Old City of Hebron to be designated as “Endangered World Heritage Sites” at a meeting of the World Heritage Committee in Poland next month.  A key holy site for the Jewish faith, the Cave of the Patriarchs – known as the Machpela Cave in Hebrew – houses the tombs of Abraham and his wife Sarah, their son Isaac, and their grandson Jacob and his wife Leah.

Ever since 2009, when the Arab Palestinians gained entry into UNESCO, their strategy has been to force UNESCO to consider Jewish holy sites such as the Cave of the Patriarchs and the Temple Mount and Western Wall in Jerusalem – which they refer to as the “Al-Buraq Wall” – as purely Islamic.  Last year, a UNESCO executive board meeting passed a resolution ignoring Jewish ties to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. A similar measure concerning the Cave of the Patriarchs will now be discussed at UNESCO’s 41st World Heritage Committee meeting in the Polish city of Krakow on July 12, 2017.

Jewish groups have begun mobilizing against the Palestinian effort. “The Palestinians have declared their intention to once again hijack the Heritage Committee to take over the Machpela Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, a site until now open to worshipers of all three monotheistic religions,” said Shimon Samuels, the international relations director at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (SWC), and a veteran of the battles at UNESCO over Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem and Israel.  All my talks at St Paul's Church, Newport, Isle of Wight can be heard on MP3 here. To watch one of the talks from an earlier event click here.

World democracies snub UN    If issues relating to UNESCO are looking bleak, at least we are slowly seeing a breakthrough and a stand against the UN Human Rights Council.  This week, the world’s democracies collectively snubbed the UN Human Rights Council’s annual “condemnation of Israel” in Geneva on Monday, when none of their representatives attended the council’s presentation and debate on “Item 7” — a permanent agenda item focused on the “Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.”  As was the case last year, the seats of all the democratic nations represented on the council were empty for the duration of the discussion, sparking protests from Arab countries.

The title alone of ‘Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories’ is enough to make one baulk – especially when one thinks of the horrors in Syria and other Middle Eastern Islamic countries.  Have the UN Human Rights Council done anything regarding Syria with over 200,000 Muslims being killed? Syria kills, chemically attacks, bombs indiscriminately, and women and children are slaughtered in the hundreds of thousands – where are the UN Human Rights Council? What of ISIS massacring and slaughtering everything in their wake with Christians being ethnically cleansed? Libya is in a desperate state of civil war. Then there’s Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea, China, Burma, Pakistan, Indonesia, Yemen, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, etc., human rights violators all, yet accompanied by an almost deafening silence from those who demonise Israel.  What of Hamas, who knowingly and willingly use human sacrifices to protect their command and control centres and rocket launchers – every single action of which contravenes International Law and is categorically a war crime. When you look at it rationally, one wonders why the United Nations Human Rights Council isn’t abolished as it’s become a sickening embarrassment.

The United States has never attended an Item 7 debate since the council was established in 2006 as a successor to the Commission on Human Rights. In an address to the council on June 6, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley charged that “Item 7 is a scandalous provision that must be removed.”  Hillel Neuer - executive director of the Geneva-based UN Watch NGO stated that the non-attendance at Monday’s session signalled a “significant stand by the Western democracies against prejudice.”  Although Neuer did take part in the debate it was only to point out why the democratic countries were absent. “Hopefully, one day Item 7 will be removed,” he said.  In his speech before the council, Neuer observed that “the US, Canada, Australia, all European Union member states, Japan, and other established democracies have boycotted this debateThe democracies are absent to protest prejudice — because this is the only agenda item that singles out one specific state, the Jewish state, for differential and discriminatory treatment.”

David Soakell  

(CFI Church Liaison Officer (UK) & WoZ News Report Correspondent)

Sources: Unless stated, personal sources throughout Israel, The Jerusalem Post, &