London Jewish Treasure Hunt

On Sunday June 30th at 2pm, Steve Maltz will be leading a very special walking tour of the London Jewish East End. It will last for 3-4 hours and will include stops of many places of historical interest, with a full explanation of Jewish history in the area (and in England)


Following the great tradition of TREASURE HUNT (Anneka Rice/ Kenneth Kendall) there will also be puzzles to solve and 10 mystery locations identified! Solving these puzzles will require 'keeping one's eyes open' for visual clues, but also mental challenges and Google searches. To help with the latter we will also be joined - via the ZOOM conferencing system - by a WEB TEAM - who will be in contact through smartphones, so that we can all work together to solve the TREASURE HUNT.

COST : £10 per person (limited to 25 maximum) to go on tour BOOK HERE (WE meet at 2pm at TOWER HILL tube station)

COST : £10 per computer/smartphone/tablet if you are joining WEB TEAM: BOOK HERE


Sun 30 Jun 2019