Welcome to our new feature for subscribers. Over the years we have received a constant stream of questions on a variety of Biblical topics. Unfortunately with our limited resources we hadn't really been in a position to deal adequately with these. But not any more - we have brought together a panel of experts, teachers who have either written articles in Sword magazine or have taught at one of our conferences. So now we can begin to answer questions sent into us. The first batch of seven questions were supplied to us at our last conference, Foundation 9. Here they are:

  1. How does the pre-millenial position score over the a-millenial one?
  2. Please explain Leviticus 22:10
  3. When will the rapture be? Pre, Mid or Post-trib?
  4. What did the Jews do in the 1800s to warrant God returning them to the land?
  5. Should gentiles celebrate the feasts of Israel? Why?
  6. Can the lost tribes of Israel still be identified?
  7. Israel was initially deemed a ‘socialist dream’ with its kibbutz system etc. Now it is deemed a ‘Nazi state’ by the same people. Why?

You will be able to view the initial responses to these questions. You will also be able to add your comments to these answers (though this will be moderated). Then, of course, you can send in your own questions ...