PART ONE: Our need for Shalom

Chapter 1: From Shalom to separation

Chapter 2: A return to Shalom?

Chapter 3: An obstacle to Shalom

Chapter 4: Shalom thwarted

Chapter 5: Re-education

Chapter 6: Shalom and Ra

PART TWO: The Shalom of Salvation

Chapter 7: Deplorables?

Chapter 8: The Shalom of Salvation

PART THREE: The Shalom of Unity

Chapter 9: Finding ourselves

Chapter 10: Finding our function

Chapter 11: Finding the Church

Chapter 12: Finding Shalom

Chapter 13: The Shalom of Unity

PART FOUR: The Shalom of Oneness

Chapter 14: Shabbat, shalom?

Chapter 15: Passover or pass me by?

Chapter 16: The Shalom of Oneness

Chapter 17: Simcha

Chapter 18: Chaim

Chapter 19: Kadosh

Chapter 20: Chesed

Chapter 21: Mishpocha

Chapter 22: Limmud

Chapter 23: Berakhot

Chapter 24: What did the Gentiles ever do for us?

Chapter 25: Finding Oneness

PART FIVE: The Shalom of shaloms

Chapter 26: It happened in Devon

Chapter 27: The Shalom of shaloms