We opened our first study with a question about our present-day situation, “Is it reformation or revival that is needed?”  We then went on to

Hezekiah came between the two most appalling kings of Judah, Ahaz and Manasseh.  The Scriptural accounts of king Hezekiah’s reign are given in

For those that enjoy Jewish studies and thought, we will take a short excursion into Jewish commentary on the king.  King Hezekiah did six thi

It sounds a bit like a space odyssey movie – We have Lockdown!

Someone has posed the question: Does the Church need a Reformation?  I wonder who would lead such a demonstration of devotion to God and to Hi

Early Jewish tradition has given this Psalm several attributions: to David (LXX), to Solomon (the Midrash on Psalms), to Moses (Midrash on Psalms),


It was my intention to write about a Psalm, to bring comfort and encouragement.  That is what we want and need in times of crises; to know tha

As we saw in last week’s article (“A Plague on You”), modern Europe is practically the epicentre of paganism, so is it any wonder that it is also t

A plague on both your houses is a phrase from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1592), where you have Mercutio proclaiming, “I am hurt.  A plagu