An elderly neighbour, speaking about the new houses that are being built on what was open land nearby, said to me, “If nothing changed, everything

The Bible is full of promises and predictions.  We all love the promises and we lean on them as we go through our daily lives.  But I wan

We will begin this article with various statistics on divorce, and cohabiting; and end with going back to the Scriptures.  Please persevere to

The reason for the question mark in the title of these three articles is, do we live in our churches while letting others die in their sin?  C

Rather than address divorce and remarriage by teaching what Scripture says, and the words our Lord spoke about these issues, we cosy up and hold se

The list below remains in the Bible, but not in the hearts of many that claim to live by God’s every word.  The Church has a problem.  So

Among our Christmas cards was one from a dear friend.  Enclosed with the card was a stash of silver and gold coins, AND a £50,000 note….and an