Middle East Report

Stories this week include: Archaeologists discover ancient royal storehouse  in Jerusalem, Emergency hotline provides support for Israelis struggling during the pandemic and Fast track coronavirus testing to open at Ben Gurion airport.

Stories this week include: Israel faces a summer of unrest, Turkey's president turns historic church into a mosque and Jerusalem's Hebrew universit

Stories this week include: plans to annex part of the West Bank have been put on hold, Rabbis Eckstein's widow carries  on with the work of th

Stories this week include:  Israel plans to nationalize its flagship airline, Israel is facing a difficult summer and Anti US Syria polic

Stories this week include:  New Messianic Jewish channel could be removed due to concerns over missionary  activity, well known evangelis

Stories this week include:  A second wave of the coronavirus hits  Israel, The love for the Jewish people inspired Charles Gardner to wri

Stories this week include:  The Hebrew Book week has been cancelled due to the corona pandemic, A fresh revelation of Jesus inspired well know

Stories this week include: Israel faces challenging times over the next few weeks, Iran releases some prisoners during the corona virus whilst

Stories this week include:  Israel hit by new outbreak of the corona virus as schools reopen, The collapse of tourism in Bethlehem leaves thou

Stories this week include:  Mr.