Middle East Report

Stories this week include: plans to annex part of the West Bank have been put on hold, Rabbis Eckstein's widow carries  on with the work of th

Stories this week include:  Israel plans to nationalize its flagship airline, Israel is facing a difficult summer and Anti US Syria polic

Stories this week include:  New Messianic Jewish channel could be removed due to concerns over missionary  activity, well known evangelis

Stories this week include:  A second wave of the coronavirus hits  Israel, The love for the Jewish people inspired Charles Gardner to wri

Stories this week include:  The Hebrew Book week has been cancelled due to the corona pandemic, A fresh revelation of Jesus inspired well know

Stories this week include: Israel faces challenging times over the next few weeks, Iran releases some prisoners during the corona virus whilst

Stories this week include:  Israel hit by new outbreak of the corona virus as schools reopen, The collapse of tourism in Bethlehem leaves thou

Stories this week include:  Mr.

Stories this week include: A new government has finally been formed in Israel, bomb shelters provide Israeli communities with economic stability an

Stories this week include:  Israel's Director General of Health stands down,  In the face of the pandemic Israel remains on high ale