Middle East Report

stories include The image of Israeli women comes under the spotlight, US President Donald Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Hundreds

Stories this week include: Israeli doctors stage a strike, Israel's northern borders under threat and life changing heart surgery impacts lives in

stories this week include: Israel prepares for new round of fighting with Gaza, A special Balfour tour to Israel has just taken place and three mil

Stories include;  This year marks a whole series of important anniversaries for Israel, Organisers hope   Balfour 100 celebrations&n

stories this week include: Israel experiences first major rain of the season, US pastor is jailed accused of being a national threat to Turkey and

Stories this week include: Efforts underway to unify main factions under PLO, Los Vegas attack death toll up to 59, Christians and Israeli prepare

Stories this week include:  An Historical church near Jerusalem has been vandalised, three murdered in terror attack near Jerusalem and 

Stories this week include; A large military exercise has taken place on Israel's border with Lebanon, Frrme's new CEO says Christians in Iraq need a lot of support from Christians in the  west if they are to survive and Iran seeks deal for long term Syria garrison.

stories this week include: Disabled citizens in Israel protest to get disability payment increases, In a ceremony marking 50th anniversary of Israe

stories this week include:  Two major building projects are underway in Israel, Christian Journalist Charles Gardner wants to see more people