Middle East Report

Stories this week include:  Jerusalem commemorates Six day War, Three Gulf States sever ties with Qatar, The plight of an ancient community co

Stories this week include: Jerusalem marks 50th anniversary with special sound & light show, Iran plans to resume funding for Hamas, Giving hope to the lives of refugees in Northern Iraq and Coptic Christians murdered after refusing to renounce their faith.

Stories this week include:  US President Donald Trump prays at Western wall, Trump ends his whirlwind visit to the Middle East, Knesset member

Stories this week include:  Napoleons military career displayed in Jerusalem, US President Donald Trump is considering moving the US Embassy t

Stories include:  An American medical doctor is awarded a prize in Israel, important events mark Balfour 100 and survey reveals Isra

stories this week include:  Israel marks Independence Day with celebrations & memorial events and  a unique presentation tells the st

stories this week include: Israelis remember the Holocaust, Mr Netanyahu cancels meeting with Germany's Foreign Minister, Remembering the

Stories this week include:  tragic drowning accident occurs during Passover, Well Known Eritrean Gospel singer speaks up for persecuted church

Israel closes its border with Egypt, US Secretary of State visits Russia, Well-know prophetic bible teacher  responses to Syria Chemical attac

Stories this week include:  Israel faces coalition crisis, The White House is serious about a two state solution,  Archaeologists discove