Middle East Report

Stories this week include:  Only a few Arab dignities attend Mr Shimon Peres funeral last week, An American businessman questioned about alleg

Stories this week include:  Israel is mourning over the death of its most elder statesman, both Trump & Clinton confirm their support for Israel, CSW welcomes new initiative for Syria and Sat-7 Christian television celebrates 20th years of broadcasting into the Middle East and North Africa.

Stories this week include: Israel's most elder statesman is making a slow recovery from a stroke, a spate of random terror attacks hits Israel, Evangelist David Hathaway urges Christian to pray for the Middle East and Israel and waves of Palestinian attacks seen as tip of the iceberg.

stories this week include:  A major exhibition illustrates the life & times of King David, Despite Syria's ceasefire 3 mortar shells land in Golan Heights, Well- Known International Evangelist says he is positive about Britain's future and  military aid package to Israel to be the largest in US History!

Stories this week include:  Israeli Satellite communications suffers setback, Mr. Netanyahu's party no longer in front, Exciting plans are a foot for the Garden Tomb and 2000 year old Synagogue recently unearthed in Northern Israel

Stories this week include:  Religious leaders unhappy about construction work  carried out on the Jewish Sabbath, Israeli tour guide association nominated the Garden Tomb as the best site in Israel and the UN pays tens of millions to Assad regime under Syria Aid Programme.

Stories this week include: Jordanian athlete celebrates gold medal win, tension flared up on the border between Israel and Gaza, Iranian pastor arrested in raids on Christian homes and Migrant Christians face death threats at asylum centres.

Stories this week include:  Israel wins second medal in the Olympic Games, Hezbollah terror cells in West Bank exposed, New Ambassador to the UK calls on Christians to stand with Israel and Israel Museum creates the 'Jerusalem Jesus Knew'.

Stories this week include:  Israel has won its first medal in the Olympic Games, Israel's New Ambassador to the United Kingdom speaks for the

The Hebrew language  continues to flourish & grow, plans  are ahead to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration in 2017 and French immigration to Israel surges.