Middle East Report

Stories this week include: Israel new submarine costs over 2 billion dollars, Asian Christians hungry for God's word and aid reaches besieged Syria

Stories include:  Israel's top stories in 2015 reviewed, Well-known bible teacher shares prophetic insights for Israel & Europe for 2016 and Iran responses to events in Saudi Arabia by unveiling its new missile programme.


Stories include: Christmas celebrations are low key in the Holy land, Remembering the persecuted church this Christmas and Islamic State fakes Syr

Stories this week include: Important ancient seal discovered, This week marks Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and Thousands gather for lighting of Chri

Stories this week include: Israeli Prime Minister extends a welcome to Prince Charles, A fellowship in Galilee sees breakthrough in prayer and desp

Over a hundred people have been killed in the ongoing violence in Israel, Building a stolid foundation between Arab & Jewish believers and Turk

Stories this week include: Israel expresses sorrow over attacks in Paris, Couple miss bus targeted by terrorists in Jerusalem and 80% of French Je

The stories this week include: Major find reveals Hanukkah story, Arabic Christians build bakeries for Iraqi refugees and Egyptian church leaders