Middle East Report

Attached is the Middle East report & Cue Sheet for 19th February 2020.

Stories this week include: Israel introduces new battlefield vehicle, New media centre helps combat anti Semitism and Israel's innovation helps sav

Stories this week include:Israeli Prime Minister accepts President Trump's peace plan, For the first time the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge atten

Stories this week include: A new river at the Dead Sea has been made public, An Assyrian Priest who was falsely arrested is part of wider anti Chri

Stories include:  Bible Lands museum host  a new exhibit to mark Festival of Lights, About 5,000 tourists are expected in Bethl

Stories include: The EU issues a ruling against food products from Israel and Christians continue to face an uncertain future in the Midd

Stories include: A relic which has been identified as part of the crib of Jesus arrives Bethlehem in time for Advent and for the first time ever Ru

stories include:  Mr Netanyahu is resisting calls to resign after indictments against him, For the first time ever Egyptian Christians we

Stories this week include:  Israel's two main parties struggle to form a coalition government, The ceasefire  between Israel & G

Stories this week include:  Israel under fire from rocket attacks, New book by Kay Wilson, survivor of a brutal terrorist attack brings messag