Middle East Report

Stories this week include: Mr Netanyahu attends annual Media Summit in Jerusalem, British tour guide campaigns for justice to be done and Israeli h

Stories this week include: Israel awaits  Attorney General's decision over Mr Netanyahu corruption charges, Founder of Bethlehem Bible college

Stories include:  Freak thunderstorms hit Israel during week long Feast of Tabernacles, Iranian pastor goes on hunger strike over Iranian Auth

Stories include:  This year's Feast of Tabernacles which begins on 13th October is overshadowed by the political uncertainty in Israel, Well K

Stories this week include: Israel faces post-election deadlock, Well known bible teacher David Silver urges Christians to continue  to pray fo

Stories this week include; The President of Israel  attempts to get the two main parities to form a coalition government,  Jews prep

This week's stories include: Israel remains in deadlock after 2nd round of national elections, Building bridges of prayer & unity between Israel and the Middle East and US, Saudis weigh response to Iran attack on Saudi oil industry.

 Stories this week include: The run up to the Israeli elections takes a dramatic turn, Establishing a highway of prayer & worship in the M

Stories this week include: Israel hits the countdown to repeat national elections, CJCUC development of bible studies leads to positive response fr

Stories this week include: Israel faces tensions on 5 different fronts, CJCUC continues to build good relations between Jews & Christians and I