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Stories this week include:  The Eurovision Song contest is held in Israel for the third time, Israelis are positive about the future despite t

Stories this week include:  The latest round of fighting between Israel and Gaza leaves uncertainty about the way ahead, There is still much w

Stories this week include:  Israel's 70th year of Independence marked by death of prominent rabbi, The work of reconciliation continues despit

Stories this week include: The fire at Notre Dame Church takes centre stage over Holy Week, Christians & Jews prepare to celebrate the eight da

Stories include:  Mr Netanyahu obtains enough votes to form the next government, Director of grassroots campaign group puts record straight ab

. Stories this week include:  Israel heads for lacklustre election season, Pro Israel group attracts wide range support and Archaeologists uncover ancient Arab neighbourhood.

Stories this week include:  America is the first nation to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Golan heights, ICEJ UK continues to build relations between local church leaders about Israel and Britain names new ambassador to Israel.

Stories this week include:  The wife of the President of Israel has undergone lung transplant surgery, CBN's humanitarian  work has far r

Stories include:  Mr.