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stories this week include:  A row has broken out between Poland & Israel, Christians & Jews need to continue to work together in these

Stories this week include:  A prominent Rabbi has passed away, The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews will continue building br

Stories this week include: Israel's main political party prepares for the upcoming elections in April, US Christian journalist plays his part in th

stories this week include:  The election season gets underway in Israel,  American journalist  Anthony Harper believes its important

Stories this week include:  A new exhibit opens at  the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Thousands of events are expected to take place to

Stories this week include:  Mr Netanyahu acknowledges Israel's involvement in Iran & Syria, Top Evangelist believes the level of prayer fo

Stories this week include:  Israel is heading for early national elections in 2019.Well known bible teacher David Silver looks back over some

Stories this week include:  Christmas takes on a new shine in the Holy land, Coptic Christians in Egypt face challenging times and Gold treasu

Stories this week include:  Israel has one of the heaviest rain storms on record, Looking at the plight of Christians in Iran and Syria this C