Middle East Report

Stories this week include:  Israeli Prime Minister Mr.

Stories this week include:  A Replica of an ancient ship sets sail from Israel, Well Known bible teacher on end time events believes we need t

Stories this week include: Fighting between Israel & Hamas has intensified over the last week, Israel's Bible Society reaches both Israelis &am

Stories include: The number of traffic accidents in Israel  has been a focus in the news, Jan Cooper from the initiative Repairing the Breach

Stories this week include: Evidence of an ancient massacre has been found in Jerusalem, Praying for the Jewish people to understand the signs of the times and go to Israel and the Australian Prime Minister is considering moving the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem.

Stories this week include: The wife of the Israeli prime Mr.

Stories this week include: Tower of David Museum launches first ever virtual reality tour, Dead Sea Scrolls attracts between 1500 to 2000 visitors

Stories this week include: Israel & Russia are at odds over recent attack by Israel inside Syria, Fascinating facts uncovered about the Dead Se

stories include: This year's Day of Atonement connected with significant anniversary years, The Ukraine has one of the largest Jewish populations in Eastern Europe and Israeli company designs bullet proof back pack.