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Today finds us in Bethlehem in the West Bank talking to Salim Anfous who is the youth leader of the Immanuel Church there. Life for Christians in the West Bank is challenging – as we shall hear, they are a tiny percentage of the total population which is Muslim. Over the next three weeks, Salim is going to share his fascinating story. Today, we start at the beginning … which for Salim was in another Arab country.

Today my guest is Daniel Yahav, a Messianic Jewish pastor living in the north of Israel. He has a deep understanding of the Bible in relation to the times in which we live. With all the conflict that is going on in the nations surrounding Israel coupled with the migration of thousands of refugees to Europe, I asked Daniel whether he believed the world will ever be the same again.

Today my guest is Daniel Yahav, a Messianic Jewish pastor living in the north of Israel. He has been watching developments on the border between Israel and Syria closely so I asked him to explain what he believes is happening.

Today my guest is an Arab pastor from in northern Israel. He has been following the plight of the refugees fleeing Syria and believes that Arab Christians have a particular role to play at this time as he now explains.

Today I’m in northern Israel talking to an Arab Christian. He’s the pastor of a large Arab church as well as running a media company that broadcasts to the surrounding Arab nations. When we met, his concern was for the refugees fleeing Syria as he now explains.

This week we hear the story of Karol Joseph. She has been a missionary with Jews for Jesus for many years.

Recently in London I met Karol Joseph from New York. She’s been a missionary with Jews for Jesus for many years and has worked in several countries around the world including Israel. She was in London recently to help with a summer evangelistic campaign, and I started by asking her to describe what it means to her, talking to people and sharing her faith on the streets.

My guest today is a Jewish believer called Boris. He lives in Tel Aviv with his wife Gefen and together they are missionaries with Jews for Jesus.

The vast majority of these programmes are recorded in Israel … I visit the places where the people live. But for today’s programme, I met my guest, who is called Gefen, in London. She was here from Tel Aviv during the summer working with a team of fellow missionaries from Jews for Jesus – an organisation that works in major cities around the world to share their faith with Jewish people. However, the reality is they talk to far more non-Jews! So, I asked Gefen, what’s it like going out onto the streets of London wearing a Jews for Jesus T shirt handing out tracts and talking to people about Jesus?

My guest today is Jewish … she is an American Jew from San Francisco and is currently working in the Jews for Jesus headquarters there using her sk