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Come with me to Tel Aviv, to the 12th floor of a tall sky scraper and look out over this modern city, home to almost 4 million people representing half the population of Israel. It is then amazing to realise that just over a 100 years ago, Tel Aviv as a city did not exist – the area was covered in sand dunes – the people in those days lived in neighbouring Jaffa. However, at the beginning of the 19th century, 66 Jewish families decided to leave the overcrowded confines of Jaffa and build a new city – and that’s exactly what they did. I met Avi Mizrachi on the 12th floor of the sky scraper – he is the pastor of a congregation in Tel Aviv and as we looked out over the modern city of today, he reflected on the story that is Tel Aviv. 

On the programme today, the story of an American teenage Jew who found himself living in Israel.

My guest today is Itzhak Mor Haim.

My guest today is Itzhak Mor Haim. A few years ago he had a dream to open a music school in Israel.

Recently, stories of Muslims who have become followers of Jesus have emerged.

Recently I visited the town of Ariel in central Israel to meet Leah Ortiz.

My guest today is called Rita. A few years ago she would never have dreamt that one day she would be running a shelter in Israel for abused women … but that’s exactly what happened. 

The news is frequently dominated by stories of terror and conflict from the regio

The subject of Israel and the Middle East invokes strong reactions!

My guest today is Rod Powell.