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The Syrian refugee situation has grabbed our attention as we have watched thousands of desperate people risk their lives trying to reach Europe.&nb

My guest today is Marcel Rebiai. He is half Arab and half Jewish. For many years he has lived in Jerusalem on the line between Jewish West J’lem and Arab East J’lem. He is the leader of community that has teams in Israel, France, Switzerland and Lebanon. We sat in his garden with traffic rumbling by and I asked Marcel to describe the work of his community.

Today my guest is an Israeli citizen who is a Palestinian Christian. His name is Pierre Tannous and he lives in Haifa in northern Israel. He is a lecturer in Biblical studies at a college in Nazareth, which is in Israel, and also at the Bethlehem Bible College which is in the West Bank. Pierre studied for many years in South Korea. So, if his life was complicated enough already, I started by asking him about his experience there.

Recently I met Shira Sorko-Ram in Tel Aviv. She and her husband Ari were two of the early Messianic believers in the land of Israel when they arrived over 40 years ago from America. They founded a Messianic congregation called MAOZ which today is an umbrella for a great deal of support to other congregations across the land. Shira is also a journalist and regularly writes a news bulletin for Christians that is circulated around the world. I began by asking her to share what she’s currently writing about.

Today I’m in Bethlehem at the Bethlehem Bible College talking to Munther Isaac, the Academic Dean of the college where the aim is to train leaders

Today finds us in Tel Aviv at the offices of a Messianic congregation called MAOZ that was founded 40 years ago by Ari and Shira Sorko Ram.

My guest today is Ari Sorko Ram. Born in America, he became a well know actor there before moving to Israel 40 years ago. He is Jewish and for many years has been a believer in Jesus. When he came to Israel all those years ago, there were very few Messianic Jews … I asked him to describe some of the most significant things he has seen happen in the intervening years.

Today I’m in Haifa in northern Israel talking to Eric Benson, who has been the director of a rehab centre for recovering drug and alcohol addicts s

My guest this week is Joel Ben David, a missionary with Jews for Jesus based in Israel.

Today finds us in Tel Aviv at the offices of Jews for Jesus, the international organisation that unashamedly attempts to make Jesus an unavoidable